Manchester is one of the UK’s greatest student cities, ranking up there along with London, Leeds, Birmingham and Nottingham – it is a sprawling urban oasis with several universities and other higher education institutions both inside and outside of the city centre.

Over 80,000 students call Manchester and its neighbour Salford home and, as a result, the city has very much to offer those who study there, with students coming from all over the world to experience the so-called “Capital of the North.”

If you are considering moving here or have already accepted an offer to study at one of the city’s many educational institutions, picking student accommodation Manchester is your next step. There is plenty to choose from, with companies such as Almero offering some of the city’s best student digs with their luxury housing options as well as the student halls provided by the universities.

Still not convinced? Here’s what makes Manchester such a great student city.

#1: The City Won’t Break Your Bank

Unlike London, Manchester won’t break your bank and it’s a pretty cheap place to live, especially when you’re outside the city centre. Compared to the rest of the UK, Manchester’s overall cost of living is relatively low which means that your money will go a lot farther.

Rent, food, transport and even nights out – especially with student deals – are very affordable and a lot cheaper than what you would be paying in London. Trust me with that one!

#2: Amazing Employment Opportunities

A lot of students who spend their time studying at one of Manchester and Salford’s many educational institutions end up sticking around and working in the city, or go on to take on amazing jobs elsewhere all around the world.

The University of Manchester, for example, is one of the top targets for some of the world’s leading graduate employers. Also, for 2016 to 2017, the QS World University Rankings put Manchester up there as being the third-best student city in the entire UK, and 23rd worldwide alongside Barcelona.

#3: The City is Teeming with Education and Culture

Manchester has everything; music, theatre, sports, cinema and museums, you are never going to be finding yourself bored when you are here. There’s always something going on in the city too, including the world-famous Manchester Christmas Markets which return in time for Christmas in November.

In terms of the drinking scene (because let’s be honest, what else matters when you’re a student?), Manchester is full of interesting bars, pubs and clubs. Whether you’re a fan of dive bars or prefer to spend time in finer establishments, Manchester has it all. There are several student-orientated bars too which host their own events and provide competitive drink deals all year round.

Manchester is not just one of the UK’s best student cities, it is one of the best in the world. It has everything, from culture to museums and an amazing drinking scene, so there is something for everyone. With well over 80,000 students making Manchester the great student city it is, you won’t struggle to make friends and settle in.


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