Cute outfits that follow the latest fashion, go well with basic clothes, and make a woman stand out are an irreplaceable part of every wardrobe. However, when it comes to choosing and combining modern outfit pieces, girls may get lost in the variety of classy items, forgetting about practicality and stepping out of their own sense of style. 

The fashion world tends to change at lightspeed, giving life to many trends and cute outfits that we should navigate to stay up to date. But, it’s crucial to maintain your own image when following the latest fashion. For that reason, we’ve created a simple 9-step guide to pairing and choosing fashionable items, as well as seamlessly including them into your wardrobe. 

Always Start with Basic Clothes

Basics are essential! Even though every woman has her own picture of “cute” in the context of outfits, basic clothes are a universal must for everyone.

When you have a nice pair of culottes, you can go with anything from a girly blouse with lace sleeves to a sporty sweatshirt.
Baggy boyfriend or mom jeans will add some character to your look while going awesomely with simple shirts, casual jackets, and crop tops.
You can wear simple A-line dresses as stand-alone pieces or combine them with various girly sweaters, shirts, and even T-shirts.


Consider Your Best Features

When creating your style, think of your best sides. What you like the most about your body will be the determiners of your future closet musts. If you have a beautiful waist or want to emphasize your legs, for example, make sure to pick a cut and shape that accentuates it best.

Don’t Forget About Patterns

Apart from building your own color wheel in your closet, it’s better to have a couple of patterned clothes that suit different occasions.

Polka dots will be a fantastic pick for big days.
Floral pieces will look great for springtime.

Checkered patterns are a good way to diversify your casual style.

Experiment with Textures

Modern fashionistas recommend women not to focus on denim pants and cotton blouses only. Instead, you can try some other textures that may turn out to be a good match for your basic outfits.

For a cozy winter look, you can try chunky knits and oversized sweaters.
If you love layered looks, a flannel bottom-up shirt is great for such ideas.
You can also add a sense of texture to your outfit with lace or chiffon overlays.


Spice Things Up with Accessories

Even a touch of embellishment can drastically change the mood of your outfit. The right accessory can turn some plain jeans-and-shirt looks into a sophisticated ensemble.

A simple silver chain with little cute earrings will be a good match for minimalist looks.
For a statement look, you can finish your leather&jeans combo with massive jewelry.
Wearing a hat or a scarf is like adding a signature to your look.


Try Classics

There are things you can’t go wrong with, and they are called classics. Although it’s not only about a little black dress, it’s a pretty important piece that can give you a decent look for most occasions. Search for classic, ageless items, and pick ones that fit your taste the most. All in all, wearing classics means looking classy whenever you are.

Shoes Matter!

As told by Carrie Bradshaw, a properly picked pair of shoes is what defines your whole style! Luckily for modern fashion-lovers, the diversity of footwear has no limits, so there’s no way you won’t find your pair.

Moccasins and ballet flats are a nice choice for women who love restrained and practical looks.
Those who want to keep it feminine, laced wedges for the summertime will do the talking.
If you’d like to add more character to your look while keeping the balance between girly and casual, chunky sneakers and boots will be your go-tos.


Find Your Highlight

Whatever image and style you have, it should always have the highlight that will reveal your individuality. Even if your look consists of basic clothes, a bright element like a fancy scarf or patterned socks will be the exclamation point of your inner self. Basically, it can be any detail or item that attracts attention.

Appropriate Doesn’t Mean Boring

Of course, your workplace isn’t the best place for fashion statements. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t wear cute outfitsduring your working routine.

You can keep your style appropriate for work and look fashionable at the same time by replacing classic trousers with moderate culottes.
Cool-toned checkered patterns can fit most work dress codes if paired with simple blouses.
Muted colors like camel, pastel coral or subtle gray are considered trendy today while being appropriate for work.


Conclusion: There are a lot of things to consider on your way to forming your unique style. Today, we’ve covered the most essential basics that women should know to follow trends wisely. By following these simple tips, you won’t ever feel like you have nothing to wear, which is a goal of many women from all around the globe.


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