Welcome to Friday! I’ve lost 3 pounds – YAY!!

Just before we started work, we had the grand opening of the box containing the new freezer drawers. Dave was like a little boy on Christmas morning and said it was the most exciting thing that has happened to him for the last few weeks. Aaah, bless! After all of the anticipation of the last few days, they don’t bloody well fit! Dave is taking it as a sign from the universe that we really didn’t need these drawers after all. I am taking it as a sign from the universe that we need a new kitchen as our appliances are clearly obsolete!

All of the busyness of the work week has been for one particular meeting this morning. I was expecting lots of heated debate but it was incredibly calm and I felt completely chilled immediately afterwards. Stupidly, I took a short break and broke my promise – I have ordered myself a new top and a new dress as they were in a flash sale so were a fraction of the original price.

I did hover over the button and asked myself if I really needed them. I then went on to order shampoo, conditioner and some new earphones. I was like a drug addict getting my fix. I think part of it is because I couldn’t bear the thought of Dave spending more than me!

When I watched the news later on, it made me feel even worse as I think I have been incredibly selfish. Anyway, it is too late to cancel the orders so they will have to arrive and I will take my chances with the delivery man. I might even take up one of my friends system and introduce a decontamination zone in the house.

Owain Wyn Evans, the incredibly quiffed and coiffed weatherman on the local news is always fantastically well dressed and immaculate. There was a snippet of him playing the drums and he looked so relaxed but completely out of character. It just goes to show that you really shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

A couple of my friends had very good days as their respective deliveries had arrived – one was waiting for a peloton whilst the other one was waiting for flour to bake cakes! It’s the “flour lady’s” Birthday next week and I have ordered her present when a little tipsy – the personalisation will either be lovely or hilarious – I guess we will have to wait and see.

My List:  A couple of chapters of Dear Mrs Bird – it’s simply smashing. Sorted out the wine rack – it’s never been so poorly stocked and there isn’t a single drop of fizz in the house. Some very good tv – An episode of Brassic (where some cows were stoned and it was recommended the farmer went to the local shop to buy them some Jaffa cakes), Have I Got News for You (it was a bit stilted as everyone was on video link but the funniest bit was the reference to Boris, as he rose around Easter, not being The Messiah but a very naughty boy!) and Goodness Gracious Me from way back when (let’s all go for an English!). I also had a very lively chat with my parents.

My Lowlight: Wanting to punch people when they got too close on our walk around the block. Seriously, I’m usually a very placid person (apparently not, according to Dave!) but this is sending me to the edge and tipping me over every now & again.

My Highlight: Spoke to my lovely baby sister on FaceTime at last and, while she is still a bit croaky, she’s doing ok.

My Anxiety Level:  Medium pre-big meeting and then low other than when we went for our daily walk as there were too many people who have no idea what 2 metres actually looks like – it was off the scale for 10 minutes. What a rollercoaster of locked-down emotions.


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