The semester is finally almost over, and the holiday season is approaching! We know, we know… at this point, all you want to do is just snuggle up in a cozy, furry blanket, make yourself a cup of hot chocolate, and have a Harry Potter marathon, don’t we all. 

While all of that is what we love, this year, try something new! This blog is about a few activities that we have added to a holiday bucket list that we’ve very carefully curated for you. 

Most of these are something that a lot of us might have never done before, so go ahead and give it a shot! Happy holidays!

Go to a trampoline park 

Trampoline parks, which are a lot of fun and a wonderful form of exercise, have lately sprouted up all over the country. Find a trampoline park near you and spend the afternoon bouncing, falling, and kicking your friends off the railing.

Have a girls night 

A winter bucket list for college students must include a girls’ night! Face masks can be made, movies can be watched, popcorn can be made, and conversations can be had! This is a fantastic pastime for those cold winter days.


This one doesn’t require a lot of explanation. Along with your friends living in the same student flat in Birmingham, send at least three postcards to persons who are important in their lives. 

This might be to family, friends, or neighbors, for example. It makes no difference what’s on it. What important is that they are aware of your student’s thoughts about them. We as teenagers are prone to forget this from time to time.


It’s a great group activity to do with your friends, especially when you have roommates in your Coventry student rooms. We all love it when we get to lick the bowl afterward, don’t we? 

Whether you create one large cake or a slew of small cupcakes and a few cookies, decorating them is always a blast! 

Build your own board game

If you are living in a student room in manchester, convince your friends in to conceive and build their own board game, which they may later play with friends or family. They must create cards and pawns, as well as draw, write, cut, and paste. To build a cohesive board game, they must utilize their creativity and creative ideas.

Who doesn’t love a fashion show?

Bully (not literally) all of your friends into putting up a fashion show! Do catwalks together, try that one dress that you bought on 60% off and never got the chance to wear because it was too chilly outside. Well, now is the perfect time to! Oh, and do not forget to take loads of polaroids and make a memory wall out of them.

Make your own Christmas gifts 

As much as we all absolutely love and adore Christmas shopping, it may be costly.

Not only that, but everyone already has so many items that finding what they genuinely use and desire is difficult.

As a result, you can make your own presents, it adds a personal touch which everyone loves, especially during the holiday season 🙂

Have a Christmas movie marathon!

Christmas movies are one of the most popular types of films, and viewing them with friends can quickly turn into an extremely fun sleepover with your best buddies.

Make some hot chocolate, munch on some nibbles, and curl up under a warm blanket! That is what we refer to as a perfect day.

Have a spa day 

Winter may be bitterly cold, making you feel like you just are going to get ill. That’s the ideal time to pamper yourself with a spa day.

You probably won’t be able to afford a trip to an expensive spa as a college student.

 It doesn’t have to be that way, though. A facemask at home and a dip in a hot water bucket filled with bubbles and a pumpkin scent will do just the job, on a budget 😉

Write goals for the new year

Last but not least, make a list of your objectives for the coming year!

Be specific and don’t overestimate yourself, but don’t be scared to dream and think about what you want to accomplish.

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