The worldwide gaming industry has grown tremendously in the past years. Many players have even made a profession out of gaming, and they are earning a living from it. With such growth, there has been a surge in gaming companies trying to outdo each other by developing better and more fun games.

However, some companies have managed to remain at the top of the game by delivering exceptional services. Here are the top UK gaming companies that are recognized worldwide.


Hutch is a games developing company that five former PlayStation employees developed intending to create free mobile racing games. The company grew to have 55 workers, seven games, and 130 million players in six years.

They have managed to grow exponentially over the years, with their games becoming a sensation among gamers. The company focuses mainly on mobile games, which are popular among all gamers worldwide. Hutch has created some of the most addictive racing games with some of their most successful titles, including MMX Racing, Race Off, and Smash Bandits.

Sony Studios

Officially referred to as Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), this is the largest video game studio in Europe. Their London branch helped develop the EyeToy web camera used in the early 200s in PS2. Later, they came up with a virtual reality engine that players can use for both PS4 and PC games, including Danger Ball, The London Heist, and Scavenger’s Oddessy.


Apptunix is considered a revolutionary gaming giant whose expertise lies in designing and developing games. The company uses an innovative methodology to develop their games, which has made them the ruler in the game development industry.

Apptunix is a dedicated company that has been rapidly growing in the gaming industry. They are known for helping businesses to reach new heights by developing mobile apps for them. Their clients can always count on Apptunix to turn their ideas into reality.

Sports Interactive

Sports Interactive is a video game developer famous for creating Championship Manager, Football Manager, and NHL Eastside Hockey Manager. Although this company launched in London, it was sold to Sega, a Japanese publisher, 12 years later.

Today, they develop video games as part of Sega, specializing in hockey and football simulation games, which have been redesigned and updated over the years. Their games have continued to be a huge success, which has seen the founders getting appointed into the British Empire’s Order.


Microgaming is one of the top UK gaming companies known for providing players with some of the best casino gaming software. Launched in 1994, Microgaming has developed hundreds of casino games for players to enjoy.

They play a significant role in the modern era of online slots as they developed the most recognized progressive slots. Microgaming is famous among Aussies and Kiwis who love playing online slots, or as they fondly call them-online pokies.

One of their most played progressive slot/pokie titles is Mega Moolah, which comes with payouts that can turn a player into an instant millionaire. Its mega jackpot’s minimum value is $1million. Other popular online slots by Microgaming include Immortal Romance and Thunderstruck.

Space Ape

Space Ape is another famous UK gaming company that is located in Soho. The company has managed to penetrate the mobile gaming industry by storm. They have developed some of the most popular mobile games, including Transformers: Earth Wars and Rival Kingdoms.

Space Ape has become so popular that they got a contract with the University of London to offer a game development masterclass to students all across the city. That is a big badge of honor for any gaming company. Their competitors need to watch the space as this company is bringing all it got.

The Bottom Line

The United Kingdom is known for having some of the best gaming companies globally. They understand the massive demand for quality, fun to play casino, and video games from players worldwide and strive to deliver the best. With the rapid growth of online gaming, these companies remain undisputed.




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