On the day of your wedding, your mind is probably racing with all the last minute prep. You’ll be emotional, excited, maybe a little sad, but energized throughout the day – after all, it’s your Wedding Day! With 2020 being the disaster it was and the vaccine finally shining through in 2021, you can start thinking of ways to make your wedding unique post covid. 

The UK is slowly easing restrictions on weddings and attendees. You should take advantage of these rules while planning your wedding. Although you may still have to follow social distancing and invite limited people to the venue, you should ensure your wedding is still the unique event that you always dreamed of. 

While planning for the wedding, you may get lost in the venue arrangements, lighting, floral décor, and catering, and you might completely forget about the entertainment for your guests. It is not enough to just have a photographer and videographer make people pose and smile; you should consider different unique wedding entertainment ideas. 

As you contemplate how you can plan your wedding post covid, you should also consider hiring a wedding event planner and an entertainment booking company to cater to all your requirements. Hiring professionals is always a good option since they are trained to handle all your needs efficiently. 

Live Entertainment:

The day of the wedding can belong, and guests may become weary. Live entertainment is always a fabulous idea for guests to remain occupied throughout the day. When you plan for live entertainment, you should hire artists from Alive Network, an entertainment booking company with excellent reviews.

  • Live Band – Music is always an integral part of weddings, and great music is a bonus. You should have a mix of a DJ and a wedding band for the wedding and the reception. There is something absolutely magical about the first dance with live accompaniment. 
  • Magicians – Magicians roam the tables and ask guests to pick cards, look at sleight of hands, and other minor tricks. Magicians are excellent at keeping guests occupied with something fun and fabulous. Tricks are also excellent conversation starters and act as ice breakers between guests who haven’t met each other before. Depending on the tricks you want the magicians to perform, you can opt for a wide range of options to wow your attendees. 
  • Circus Performers – Fire breathers, Aerial performers, Sword swallowers – the list is endless! You can select from a range of entertainers for a late-night show for guests attending the reception. 
  • Fireworks – A bold fireworks display at the end of the ceremony brings everyone together one last time. You can hire an entertainment company to arrange the fireworks in the order you like or have a selection made from ones available in the market. Since most people have been home since the coronavirus became a global pandemic, fireworks are excellent to lift everyone’s spirits. 
  • DJ – If you don’t think a live band is your jam, you could opt for a DJ to play numbers from your favourite playlist. A DJ will help take care of all the music cues and line everything up according to the itinerary and the schedule of events. 


Photos, videos, selfies – you name it, and the wedding needs to have it all! Wedding photographs are an excellent way to capture each special moment of your big day. You should speak to an entertainment booking company to develop some exciting ideas to make the wedding photos a considerable success. 

  • Photo Booth – if you and your partner have decided on a hashtag for your wedding, a photo booth is the perfect way to announce it to the world. Print the hashtag on the photo booth and other places around your wedding venue, and ask your guests to add the hashtag to all photos they upload. This will help you view all the pictures together and make clicking photos a fun experience for everyone. 
  • Photo Props – Props are an excellent way to make things fun and exciting. Personalized signs like Team Groom, Team Bride, Next in Line, and so on, fake moustaches, fake veils, oversized sunglasses, hats, coats, streamers and more add to the joy of the day. You can rest assured that your guests will have a fantastic time. 

Apart from these things, you can also have themes like casinos, bouncy castles for kids, carousels and carnival themes, the Great Gatsby theme, and so on for a unique post covid wedding. Adding some games like prosecco pong, blocks for kids, and so on could also be considered. For added fun with precaution, you could also have unique masks and gloves made for your guests! 


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