The foreign exchange market is now the focus of traders. If you also want to make your fortune in foreign exchange and become a good investor or trader, then you should work for best forex broker & best cfd brokers platforms.  

Because top forex brokers offer you a variety of features.  Such as reliable and rapid trade, safe trading, high tech tools and competitive prices.  To save you time, we have done deep research and after comparing different forex brokers, we have prepared a list of top forex brokers for you. Which is front of you:

XTB Forex Broker

This is one of the most popular platforms among traders. This is because it encourages and supports forex cryptocurrency, CFD stocks, commodities and EFT CDFs. 

It offers its customers 2 platforms for trading which are MT4 and xstation5. The leverage account ratio in this forex broker is 200: 1.

Features of XTB:

It is popular among traders because of these features:

  • There are 6 types of assets on this platform. 
  • It provides platform facility for traders like MT4 and Xstation5.  
  • This is low cast.

Plus500 Forex Broker

The organization was founded in 2008 in the UK.  It is a public institution founded by Atlético Madrid. The platform currently operates in more than 50 countries. 

It is regulated worldwide by ISA (Israel-Securities-Authority), MAS (Monetary-Authority of Singapore), ASIC (Securities & Investments-Commission) and CySEC (Cyprus-Securities & Exchange-Commission).

Features of Plus500

  • It has over 2500 CFDcs for trading which offer severals assets.  
  • This platform is very easy for interface traders to use.  
  • It serves its customers 24 hours a day.
  •   Its commission fee for trade is quite low. 
  • It is regulated by ISA, FCA, MAS, and CySEC.

OctalFX Forex Broker

Traders are offered low prices for trading on this platform. It supports c Traders, MT5 and MT4 forums. In addition, micro accounts are also supported on this forex broker.

Features of OctalFX

  • Flexible prices for trading
  • Low prices for spreads
  • C Trader, MT5 and MT4 platforms.

IC Forex Broker

This forex broker is also popular among traders. It was established in 2007 in Australia. Its rules and regulations are made by FSA (Financial-Services-Authority) and ASIC(Australian-Securities & Investments-Commission). It is reported that more than $600 billion dollars are traded on this platform.

Features of ICT

  • A variety of products are provided for traders on this platform. 
  • CTrader and Meta Trader are available on this platform.  
  • It provides various substantial information regarding education.
  • ECN broker.

RoboMarkets Forex Broker

The company was established in 2009 by BMW.  It is regulated by IFSC. There are eight types of assets available to traders on this platform. These include Goods, Cryptocurrencies, ETFs, Indices, CFDs and ECN assets. In addition, more than 12,000 assets are available for users to trade on this platform.

Features of RoboMarkets

  • Customer Services 24/7
  • CTrader, MT4 and MT5 platform facility.
  • Educational Material
  • Analytical App

To conclude, all these forex brokers are in the list of top brokers of 2021. You can trade using any of these  forex brokers platforms as they are all secure and provide a variety of services to their traders and users.


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