When you are involved in a car accident, the aftermath can become expensive and complicated. While you are recovering from your personal injuries, you have to repair your vehicle. Some cases are simple with minimal damages, such as fender benders. However, when you start looking at accidents with negligence or outside influence, everything becomes more complex. For example, if a drunk driver hits you after leaving the bar, the bartender may also be held at fault for the accident. Establishments that serve alcohol are required to stop serving beverages to people who appear overly intoxicated and exhibit dangerous behavior. With the growing number of car accidents, it is crucial to hold drivers responsible for their decisions to help cut down on incidents. Unfortunately, without the assistance of a lawyer that is skilled in car accident recovery, it is hard to receive total compensation for your injuries. Much of this is because the legal system is complex, and the language is confusing.

When Should You Consult with a Lawyer?

Regardless of whether you choose to hire or not, anytime you are in an accident; an attorney should be consulted. Insurance companies are designed to collect money from clients in exchange for coverage when something happens. However, the agents are taught to look for loopholes and save their company money. Agents will work with claim adjusters to find ways to pay out as little as possible, and it is incredibly frustrating to work with them. Therefore, consulting with an attorney immediately after an incident occurs allows you to get advice on proceeding. They will let you know what information to give out and answer any questions you have regarding making a claim. However, there are times that you should go beyond consultation and allow the legal team to handle the case.

Following Significant Injuries or Property Damage

Suppose you have been in an accident that resulted in significant personal injury or damages to your vehicle. In that case, you will need to hire a personal injury attorney that specializes in car wrecks. You may end up in the hospital for a great deal of time, and some deadlines need to be met in order to receive compensation. Hiring an Owings Mills car accident lawyer will allow you the ability to focus on your recovery while they handle your case. They will ensure your car is evaluated by a third-party adjuster for an unbiased opinion on the damages.

Multiple Responsible Parties

In many cases, an accident is between two drivers. However, there are times when multiple cars are involved. For example, maybe you were struck when a driver avoided an accident with another driver who is violating the road rules. Another example is being involved in a wreck after the other vehicle’s driver had a malfunction and was unable to control their car. Your lawyer will be able to investigate the accident alongside law enforcement to determine who should be held responsible for the compensation of your damages. These are complex cases that require experience and often end up in trials.

Offered Low-Ball Settlement

Before you sign a settlement agreement, you will want to talk to a legal team. Once you have signed, you cannot sue for more compensation. Many insurance companies will offer low amounts at the beginning of a claim being filed in hopes that you will take it and move on. However, this initial amount is rarely enough to cover your vehicle and personal injuries. Allow an attorney to review the settlement offer and guide you on when to accept. They will be able to analyze your medical bills, loss of income, property damage, and other costs regarding the accident. Without a complete understanding of these costs, you will not be able to know what amount to request for compensation.

Suffered Permanent Damage

Recovering from significant injuries is hard, but permanent damage is more complex. You need to factor in future surgeries, care, and modifications necessary to continue life. If you have become paralyzed, you will have the cost of in-home caregivers, complications to immobility, cost of wheelchairs and modified vehicles, as well as loss of income. It is crucial to hire an attorney who understands all the costs of permanent and life-changing injuries.

Government Agent at Fault

If you were injured in a car accident due to the negligence of a government agency, you would need to hire a trained and experienced attorney. Agencies will do everything in their power to prevent being labeled at fault, so they will watch everything you say and do following the incident. Lawyers will guide you through the process, handle the paperwork, and allow you to remain silent until the settlement is complete.

Person Dies from Injuries

If a loved one dies in a car accident, you will want to contact a lawyer immediately. They will assist you with wrongful death claims after a thorough investigation to determine the negligence. These cases often take many months to complete and have a great deal of paperwork to be completed in a timely manner. You will want someone experienced with communicating with law enforcement, expert witnesses, and insurance companies to ensure you receive ample compensation for the loss of life. The settlement needs to cover the cost of the medical bills incurred before the loss of life and burial costs associated with the death. These are all areas that are hard to accomplish without the assistance of a legal team. In addition, if the case goes to trial, you will need to know how to present the case before a judge. It is best to allow someone who has your back to handle the situation while you grieve for the loss of your loved one.

Emotions often cloud judgment following an accident. While attorneys can be expensive, they are far cheaper than the costs associated with recovering from a wreck. Despite the suggestions from an insurance company that an attorney is not necessary, free consultations should be taken advantage of in any situation.


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