In recent years, especially since 2020, the popularity of cycling has significantly increased in the UK. More specifically, the number of cycling trips has risen to 20 visits on average per person, which is around a 26% rise compared to 2019.

Indeed, it is one of the countries that have long been accommodating cyclists with designated paths or the availability of renting bicycles for people who cannot buy their own or don’t need to. But in the last two years, more and more individuals have started cycling more and for longer distances. This is good news, given that cycling is highly beneficial for humans as well as for the environment. 

With 42% of people living in Britain owning a bicycle or at least having access to one, and most of these being among the younger generation, it can be assumed that many individuals prefer this form of transportation over owning a vehicle or using public transport every time they need. 

What’s more, commuting can be incredibly tedious and, at times, stressful during peak hours. By travelling by bicycle, you can prevent huge crowds and even get from one point to another in a faster manner. This being said, it isn’t surprising that riding a bicycle has many benefits and there is no denying that all the advantages make more individuals opt for cycling in most situations. 

So, here are seven reasons why cycling is so beneficial:

1. It can save you money.

Compared to a car, there is no denying that owning a bicycle is a much more inexpensive alternative. Apart from saving money on fuel and insurance, which can be quite a significant amount, maintaining a bike is not as costly as a car. So, you will be able to save a lot of money. 

Not to mention that in the UK, you can easily reserve a bicycle for the day or for however much you need it if you don’t want or don’t necessarily need to make this investment right now. What’s more, public transportation can also be rather expensive, especially at peak hours. So, in many cases, you can replace cycling with these costly options. 

2. It can improve your mental health.

Whether to work or during the weekend as a pastime activity, riding a bicycle has major mental health benefits. It is your time to relax and enjoy the outside air, rather than being stuck in public transportation methods with a lot of other people, where the air is instead stuffed. 

Plus, cycling can boost your brainpower. You may ask yourself how that is possible. Studies have shown that riding a bicycle improves the brain’s blood flow. And healthy brain power brings enhanced mental health. Not to mention that doing this can relieve anxiety symptoms and help you manage stress better. 

3. It can promote weight loss.

It may seem straightforward that cycling can promote weight loss or help you maintain a balanced and healthy weight. Because it is an excellent form of exercising, there is no denying that it is highly beneficial when it comes to controlling your weight. This happens thanks to the fact that cycling burns calories.

Therefore, if you decide to start riding a bicycle more often and replace other forms of transportation with cycling, you manage to prevent sedentarism. Not exercising, whether because of a busy schedule or because it is challenging for you to find something you like, can increase the risk of sedentarism. But cycling can be both fun and functional. This way, you combine something healthy that can be exciting with practicality. 

4. It can be a safer transportation option.

It isn’t uncommon to think that cycling, especially in a crowded big city, can be a dangerous activity. Many individuals are afraid of this and consider it a risky transportation option because they associate it with traffic and being among vehicles.

However, outdoor cycling is not necessarily more dangerous. In fact, it can be safe, provided you know how to ride a bicycle well. In addition, it is of the utmost importance to have designated lanes that are specially reserved for cyclists. This together promotes safe cycling.

It is crucial to mention that, in the unfortunate event of an accident where you are injured while cycling on the road that doesn’t happen because of you, you are entitled to claim compensation for a cycling accident. In case this happens, it is highly recommended to first and foremost make sure you are safe. If possible, gathering evidence to strengthen your compensation claim is vital. 

5. It can prevent heart disease.

Because cycling is beneficial for your heart rate, supports blood circulation around your body, promotes weight loss by burning calories, this type of exercise can prevent severe heart diseases. Riding a bicycle as often as you can is beneficial, as it improves your overall physical health. Some of these benefits represent reducing the risk of heart disease appearing later in life.

So, not only is cycling a better option that can save you money and boost your brainpower, but it can also prevent heart disease down the road. 

6. It is better for the environment.

It almost goes without saying that cycling is a better option because it doesn’t harm the environment, unlike vehicles used in public transportation or personal cars. While the use of electric vehicles has increased significantly in recent years, by riding a bicycle, you take care of yourself as well as the environment. You are involved in an eco-friendly practice that is also practical and can save you time. 

Indeed, it is understandable to choose a vehicle when travelling long distances. But whenever you can replace public transportation, you should do so by cycling or walking. Thankfully, there are cycling lanes in large cities like Manchester or London in the UK. Plus, you can also use rent a bicycle from various renting spots around the city if you don’t wish to purchase one yet. 

7. It can help you improve your navigational skills.

Last but not least, cycling can help you improve your navigational skills. Indeed, with technology nowadays and apps such as Google Maps, you can easily find a location and get there without much hassle. So, learning how to navigate is not as necessary anymore. 

But when riding a bicycle, you have the chance to nurture your navigation skills. While you can still use helpful apps while being on a bike, you have more opportunities to hone your sense of direction when cycling. This can be incredibly rewarding.


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