Lockdown gave everybody a lot of time to think and focus on what they enjoy. Chef Rocco, a 10 year old junior chef, used to the time to refine his skills in something he loves – cooking.

Setting up on Instagram where he has gained support from celebrity chef Jamie Oliver after cooking crispy salmon tacos from one of his recipe books. Oliver was extremely complimentary in his reaction video to Rocco’s attempts.

Discovering his love for cooking at the tender age of four when watching cookery programmes Rocco believes his passion for food comes from his Italian side of the family.

“Lockdown has helped massively as I started cooking properly in March and I’ve had more time to put my passion of cooking to the test and I feel if we wouldn’t had had this time I wouldn’t have had the chance to cook so much.”

(Chef Rocco)

As the young chef was developing his cooking skills during lockdown he decided to do local deliveries of his creations for the local community in Radcliffe highlighting that with the everybody being so supportive of each other he wanted to do something nice.

Rocco’s Instagram page has been received well and has been an important tool for him and his mother Sara who runs it.

“It has been crucial to be able to grow my followers and by being on social media I’ve been spotted by well known chefs and media which would never have happened if it wasn’t for the power of social media.”

(Chef Rocco)

If you would like to keep up to date with Rocco’s journey you can find his Instagram here.


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