Since time immemorial, flowers are used in matters of heart, where words fall short, or just to spread some cheer. Echoing Stephanie Skeem, “Flowers don’t tell, they show.” Read on to find out how to express yourself to the people who matter with flowers.

Flowers are an extension of your personality

Do you love the classic rose? Then you are probably a sophisticated person at heart who can prick if manhandled. Fans of orchids are invariably worldly personalities who love to be pampered in luxury. The sweet peony which is in season for a very short while indicates that its fan is a live-in-the-moment kind of person. Favouring lively hydrangeas indicate you are a team player while Cala lily shows that you are a strong person who can hold your ground regally. Tulips that weather climate extremities paint you with a happy-go-lucky positive vibe. So what flower person are you?

Flowers emote for you

Now, this is a universal truth that nothing can express your truest emotions the way flowers can. Need to settle a domestic skirmish with your significant other? Say with a bunch of red roses. Want to tell your Mumma or Nonna how grateful you are to them? They would know when you give them Cala lilies or gardenias. Congratulate your friends or colleagues with pink carnations. Or seal the deal of partnership for life with a bunch of daffodils. Know your flower vocab to never go wrong in eliciting the response you want upon gifting gorgeous blooms.

An elaborate flower arrangement or a carefree bunch? Find your type

Flowers in a room uplift the ambience and your mood instantly. But did you know that your preference for floral arrangements indicates your personality and present state of mind? Say, you take time to arrange fresh blooms from your garden into an elegant arrangement complete with additional frills. This reveals your patience, eye for detail, and sophistication. On the contrary, if you favour carelessly put together a bunch of flowers in a simple water pitcher, it brings forth your simple yet lively nature.

Flowers of different hues to paint the heart of the recipients with the colours of your emotions

Craft your heart’s message with flowers of appropriate colours arranged together. Red for passionate love, pink for grace and innocence, blue for serenity, white for peace and humility, yellow for friendship and joy, lavender for youth and elegance, orange for exuberance, green for optimism, purple for dignity and success. The colour code of flowers runs long and elaborate and can add significantly to your heartfelt message for the person you are gifting.

Undeniably, flowers do have the special prowess to help you express yourself. But if you cannot bother to delve into the floral grammar, leave it to expert florist to create a thoughtful flower arrangement that conveys your message with same day flower delivery throughout Sydney. Express love, gratitude, appreciation, love, and so much more with a simple flower.


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