Gifting is a powerful way to motivate and delight people, whether it is your employees, clients, or stakeholders. Psychology suggests that the positive emotional impact created by public recognition and gifting is unmatched – it promoted trust and a sense of belongingness. 

Corporate giveaways are a great way to recognize and reward, talent, contribution, and skill within and outside the organization. Whether it is corporate events or national festivals, gifts can help recipients feel appreciated. 

But what do you give out as corporate gifts? Check out this list of curated corporate gift ideas from Artfia that stand out from the crowd. 

Clothing items

From T-shirts to hoodies, caps to shoes, clothing items are a gift idea that never fails. You can get these items personalized with your company logo, quote, or statement to promote a sense of team spirit and camaraderie. 

Tote Bags

Trendy, sturdy, and functional accessory, a tote bag is a gift that’s as stylish as it is practical. From carrying groceries from the supermarket to essentials to the office, tote bags have proven their worth everywhere. A custom one can help your recipients make a unique style statement while giving your brand a wonderful spotlight every time they carry it.  

Custom Water Bottles & Tumblers

Water bottles are a necessity and gifting one to your clients and staff sends the positive message that you care about their health. You can choose from a variety of shapes, sizes, features and get them custom imprinted to suit your brand’s message and overall company culture. 

Tumblers or travel mugs are efficient at maintaining the temperature of liquids stored inside. Gifting a good quality tumbler would let your staff sip their favorite cup of hot or cold coffee without the risk of spillage. 

Face Mask Wallets

With the pandemic disrupting our way of life, face masks have become a part of our everyday life. Mask wallets are the perfect partner to store and carry additional masks – they are trendy and unique already, but custom-made ones can further amp up the appeal.

Transparent Art

One of the latest trends, transparent art is as unique as it gets. It can convert everyday photos, Instagram posts, and Facebook posts into interesting pieces of memorabilia that look very attractive. Personalize it with your company logo or name and what you get is a thoughtful corporate gift and a powerful branding tool rolled into one!  


While backpacks are one of the most common giveaway gifts, they still work! They promote safety for products inside and promote ease of carrying everyday essentials. With custom backpacks, you can make sure your brand gets free publicity as well. 


A notebook is another classic choice when it comes to corporate gifts. Not only do they come in handy during meetings and conferences, but also let your recipients remember you whenever they write. 

While many of these gift ideas are tried and tested for years, the secret to making them — or any corporate gift for that matter — work in your favor lies in choosing a supplier who is constantly innovating. That alone can make a big difference in your corporate gifting strategy.  


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