Have you ever walked down the street only to see a particular corner full of smoke and as you get closer you realize it’s a smoking zone? In as much as some people enjoy smoking, the fact still remains that smoking not only causes air pollution to the environment but is also a tragic health hazard to both active and passive smokers. As much as there have been endless advertisements all over about the dangers of smoking, it seems that it all falls on deaf ears. As if that is not enough, the cigarette packets also warn the smokers of the possible dangers of excessive smoking, but still, that does not keep them off from puffing. 

With many youths today joining the smoking bandwagon, the Manchester health government officials had to sit down and look into ways that would reduce the health issues such as cardiovascular diseases, lung cancer, and throat cancer among many others caused by smoking tobacco. Sadly, some of the pregnant women also indulge in tobacco smoking which often results in premature births. As such, in Manchester, the introduction of V2 cigs helped as it has proved to be 90% safer than the traditional smoking technique. 

Introduction Of Free E-Cigars To Manchester Smokers

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Especially if it helps you save some coins. Well, in Manchester, there is a scheme that has been introduced where the smokers are given e-cigars free of charge in pharmacies after signing up. As much as e cigars also contain nicotine, they do not produce cancer-causing carcinogens which is the case while smoking tobacco. Remember, vaping filters out the tar, tobacco and carbon dioxide and enables you to inhale nicotine in the form of vapor instead of smoke. 

Also, when receiving the free e-cigars from the pharmacies, the smokers are also offered with free smoking cessation support which encourages people to quit smoking altogether. Remember, the use of vapors is one way that the Manchester health practitioners have identified as a way to help the smokers quit smoking. And as such, they are trying their best day and night to make sure that there is a shift in the use of vapors as opposed to the traditional way of smoking.

Increase In The Smoke-Free Campaigns

Research has shown that a smoker is most likely to quit smoking after getting enough support. And as mentioned earlier, when the smokers visit the pharmacies in Manchester, they are offered with free consultation services about quitting smoking which is one of the greatest support that the smokers are offered. In addition to getting the free e cigars, the smokers leave the pharmacies when enlightened of the benefits of quitting smoking. Also, there is a free stop smoking helpline which is available 24/7 as the smokers can reach out and get help at any time of the day. The smokers are guided through the process, and the success rate of these campaigns have proved to be quite high, which was the initial objective.


Remember, at the end of the day, no government wants to lose its citizens in the name of smoking. As such, other states should follow suit to what the Manchester health practitioners have done to save the lives of the smokers. Remember, having a smoke free zone is not only beneficial to the environment but also the health of both the active and passive smokers’ altogether. 


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