A good casino appreciates every visitor and tries to please him because a glad fan of gambling will stay in the club longer and spend more money. It’s not a secret that the interior decoration of establishments also is designed to achieve the main goal – to keep a person inside and involve him in the game. That is why there are no windows and clocks in casinos, so it’s easier for them to lose track of time. What other tricks do casino owners use to retain visitors? A few secrets that customers of gambling houses rarely think about are in our material.

They Will Make You Spend Money with Ease

In the real casino, visitors will be asked to exchange money for special chips for gaming tables or tokens for slot machines. Some establishments issue special cards on which the player’s balance is recorded. In fact, it is much more difficult for any person to bet with cash than chips and tokens or use money from a card.

In fact, the casino organizes the circulation of internal currency within its walls, and to protect itself from fakes, chips, and tokens, as well as money, are provided with different levels of protection. Unlike real money casinos in New Zealand that operate online, there are more distractive factors in real establishments. Sometimes, special chips are introduced that allow casino employees to track customer behavior.

Disorientation in Space

Some casinos occupy huge areas and look like real labyrinths. Being in a gambling establishment for the first time, the visitor will certainly want to explore every corner, and everywhere he will meet slot machines, tables with roulettes, and card games. The floors here are covered with soft red carpets, and the ringing of coins and pleasant music can be heard from all sides. Studies have shown that special sound effects and red lighting in the hall stimulate the player to spend much more money than he planned.

Many large gambling establishments distribute pleasant aromas in the halls, for example, the smell of flowers, coffee, or citrus. Pleasant smells have a positive effect on a person. They relax him and push him to bet more.

Pleasant Gifts and Bonuses

Encouragement of the players is another very common technique to demonstrate the loyalty of a casino. Some casinos offer the best customers hotel rooms, free flights, and other expensive gifts. However, this is done only when the player has already managed to spend a lot. Before that, the client can be treated with expensive alcohol, which will allow the person to relax and feel at home at the gaming table.

As you can see, casinos take many efforts to attract and retain their customers. What tricks are the most effective in your opinion? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.



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