The birds bloody tweeting woke me up to welcome me to Easter Sunday. The birds drive me absolutely crackers as I live in the city for a reason – if I wanted to hear that sort of nonsense, I’d live in the countryside. At least the sun was shining even though it was supposed to be raining from early doors.

It’s been a full-on busy action-packed lockdown day and I’m now officially bored with all this tidying of coconuts. Although, one of the fabulous results of this latest round of drawer cleaning is I’ve uncovered tonnes of spare lotions, potions and makeup to keep me going for at least 24 months. It’s quite shocking really as I really don’t need much of it at all.

I’ve had various “Skype” calls today with friends and family which is wonderful but I spend all of my working day plugged in so it feels like more of the same. I’m REALLY missing the actual people interaction and it’s like I’m stuck in a strange 2-d world.

One of the things I did today is that I looked through my bucket list. Unlike most people, I’ve had it since I was a teenager, basically, forever. It’s not a miserable thing but helps me to plan trips with purpose and gives me something to aim for.

I realised many years ago that life really is too short, there is too much lovely stuff to do, money is lacking to do everything and, at some point, my energy for these sorts of things will not be there. What sparked it off was that I saw something on the TV or read half an article or somebody somewhere mentioned that, even if you didn’t work and even if you stayed up for 24 hours a day, you couldn’t read all the books in the world. My conclusion? Life is a series of choices so you have to choose carefully. It’s why I hate reading a rubbish book. It’s always been a challenge as I don’t do “or” as I’m more of an “and” sort of gal.

As we know, I love Sunday Brunch and it was hilarious to hear Simon talk about “essential items” then list lentils, anchovies & pomegranate! In our house, this would be defined as wine, vodka, gin & tonic. Their funny interludes with the “Down South” & “Up North” questions worked well and it was good to see some of their favourite moments. At one point, I thought Dave had accidentally switched to the porn channel with the noise from them but realised it was an old clip of them all eating meat sandwiches dipped in gravy.

To read the Sunday papers in my pyjamas is such a treat.

Lovely yellow is still on trend as last week so I dug out my cross-body bag from the back of my wardrobe to use on my exercise walks and have some more books to add to my list.

There was a gorgeous chocolate biscuit bake but I had a massive problem with the topping as there was a variety of chocolate biscuits but you’d need about 6 packets to achieve this. Where would the rest of the biscuits go? Yes, that’s right, into my tummy! That can stay on the glossy page of the magazine until I’m a size 10!

It must have been very strange for Boris to talk about himself and use the phrase “50/50” as it could have gone either way.  It is such a mystery still that this awful virus affects people in different ways.  I hope they find and develop that vaccine soon but not so soon that it is not fully tested.  It did make me laugh that some of the broadcasters kept saying that Boris is fitter than he looks but in one of the papers, it say he clearly wasn’t as he is at least 16 stone!

One of the foodies, who, like me, doesn’t really have much to write about at the moment, commented that we my well be heading into a world where only the likes of Starbucks & Costa will be rich enough to survive.  This will be such a miserable and homogeneous world if this does come true.  I’m hoping that more independents will spring up afterwards as we need this colourful landscape on our high streets.

We had a great quiz with Dave’s family and as it was his family and not mine, it started early (their definition of “on time”!).  We were absolutely awful at the “say what you see” round and scored a miserable 1/10.  We did even worse than last week and came bottom – i like to think we were holding everyone else up!  I noticed a couple of the journalists mentioned their columns may be out of date as they write the articles 9  days before they are printed.  I don’t feel so bad that mine are about a week behind!

My Parallel Universe: Easter Egg Hunt with Dave’s young nephew and niece. Thankfully, all the fun was recorded and it was the first thing we watched when we woke up.

My List:  Loving my new book, Dear Mrs Bird by AJ Pearce and it has words like “smashing” and “cock-a-hoop” as it’s set in WW2 and reminds me of The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society; Sorted out the drinks store and did a gin & beer stocktake; Moved my very big and bright orange sunflowers chair into our bedroom so I can sit and chill during lockdown; & more hilarious Brassic.

My Lowlight: The reported deaths as a result of Covid-19 have exceeded 10,000 – that’s so very sad and shocking.

My Highlight: Boris is home, well, he’s gone to Chequers and has been reunited with Carrie. You can say what you like about them but they are a couple expecting a baby and this has been a scary time for them. Nobody knows if there’ll be any impact on the baby – only time will tell.

My Anxiety Level:  Low and relaxed.


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