There are a few stylish home extensions for creating extra space in 2021, including garage extensions and loft conversions. In recent years conservatories have also become increasingly popular extensions due to their flexibility aspect. They can be used as a dining room, playroom, TV lounge and their uses can be altered depending on the needs of families. 

Conservatories have come a long way over the years and have fast become a popular additional feature to add to a home. If a home is short on space and natural light, conservatories are a great home addition to help solve this. Whether it’s a sleek modern conservatory or a traditional victorian design, installing one in your home can update your living space and help to increase the value of your home.

The benefits of adding a conservatory to your home

The benefits that a conservatory will bring to your home are endless. Not only will they add value but they will also space to your property. They are also energy-efficient as they improve the natural lighting in your home and help you to save money on electricity. They are also great home features to install as they can bring both the house and the garden together. If you have a large family and not enough space, a conservatory can serve as an extra seating or dining area.

The build quality of your conservatory will also help a conservatory last a long time. Whether you are wanting a large conservatory or a small one, specialists can help you create the perfect design you are looking for. If you’re looking for durable, custom-made products, Blackthorn Timber Windows provide high-quality engineered hardwood timber conservatories and orangeries for your home.

Do I need planning permission for a conservatory?

There are many things you need to know before renovating and one is that you don’t always need planning permission. When building or modifying buildings or land in the United Kingdom, the law requires you to obtain planning permission. It’s always important to research building regulations but there are also some conservatories and extensions that fall outside of these regulations. Yes, some rules and guidelines need to be followed, but everything is generally quite straight forward when building a conservatory.

For example, there are certain parts of law where planning permission is not required if the structural additions do not exceed a certain height or width. However, as every project is different, it is always best to check whether you need to have planning permission for your conservatory first before you go ahead with building it.

Factors to consider when planning a conservatory project

Overall project time – Depending on the size of your project and how much time contractors have, the time taken to finish a conservatory might vary. Time is an important factor to consider before you start, especially if you have other things planned in the future. Perhaps you have painters coming in or you’re going on holiday. These future events might be affected if your conservatory project experiences delays or takes longer than expected.

Usage – Thinking about the main use for your conservatory can be important to determine the overall style you want to go for and the size of conservatory you are going to need. For example, a dining room area compared to a seating area might vary a lot in size. The last thing you want is to plan for a dining room space and then you do not have room to fit in the dining room table and chairs. 

Size – The size of your conservatory is an important factor to consider as it can impact the time, the cost, and the use of your space. A larger conservatory, intended for a dining room, will of course take more time and cost more. As well as the size of the conservatory, it can also be worth considering how the project will affect the size of your garden too. Small gardens might be reduced significantly if you want a conservatory leading into it.

Cost – While a conservatory can help add value to your home, it’s also a big project to take on which can be expensive.However, there are various kinds of conservatories that can cater to different budgets. It’s important to browse around first and choose a conservatory design that meets your budget as well as your needs and preferences. It can be useful to save money aside to cover any extra costs too, perhaps for conservatory furniture and decor or for any unexpected problems that might arise with the building work.


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