The road is a dangerous place, whether you are a pedestrian, driver or cyclist. However, cycling accidents are becoming increasingly common in the UK, and many of them go unreported. In 2019, one hundred cyclists were killed, and a whopping 4,333 were seriously injured in the UK. Cycling accidents are a prominent issue across the globe, as people opt for healthier methods of transport.

Many people cycle to work in the UK’s major cities. The aim is to reduce carbon emissions through the cycle to work initiative. While cycling is helping the environment, it is certainly not helping the number of road accidents. If you have been involved in a cycling accident that wasn’t your fault, seek the advice of a personal injury solicitor

Here are a few ways we can make the roads safer for cyclists. 

Think about cyclists when building infrastructure

We need to start thinking about cyclists when building infrastructure and how we can improve safety for them. It might be a case of building separate infrastructure for cyclists to keep them away from motorised traffic. The European Cyclist’s Federation around that 83% of cyclist deaths in the European Union is caused by an impact with a motor vehicle. The cycling network needs to be integrating into our cities, and in some places, prioritised.

We need protected cycle lanes

The UK government has spent millions on painting cycle lanes. However, many cyclists still don’t feel safe or protected within these painted lanes. There have been requests to build protected cycle lanes similar or that of the Netherlands. Cycling infrastructure needs to be improved in the UK so cyclists and motorists can feel safer. A protected cycle lane is separated from the main road with bollards or a raised pavement. There are some protected cycle lanes in the UK, but more need to be implanted.  

Ride predictably

Cyclists need to ride safely and predictably. Most already obey the rules of the road by stopping at traffic lights and riding with the traffic. However, poor cycling behaviour can drastically increase the risk of an accident and serious injuries. Cyclists need to be educated on how to follow the laws of traffic and hazards to watch out for. Some cyclists do not have a driving license and have never been educated on the rules of the road. They must learn how to read the road and how to conduct themselves. 

Wear appropriate clothing 

Cyclists need to wear a helmet and high-visibility clothing to make themselves stand out on the road. Many commuters will cycle at night-time and need reflective clothing. Do not cycle with loose trousers that could get caught in your bike wheel. You could tuck your work trousers in your socks to air on the side of caution. 


Educate yourself on how to cycle safely and research the best routes in your area.


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