Many homeowners planning to sell their property in the near or distant future will want to maximise its sales price.

However, you don’t necessarily  need to embark on expensive loft conversions and kitchen remodels to receive a greater return on your investment.

If you want to receive a larger sum than the amount you paid for a property, an antique fireplace could be an ideal way to make your goal a reality.

Find out how antique fireplaces can boost your home’s value.

Add Thousands onto Your Home

Many property developers are reportedly incorporating antique fireplaces into their properties prior to selling, as it can reportedly add thousands of pounds onto a home’s value. So, if you want to walk away from your home with a bigger bank balance, you would be wise to follow in their footsteps.

By installing a fireplace that has the wow factor, you can trust you will receive many offers from potential buyers, as it is bound to become an impressive focal point in a living room, bedroom or dining room due to its history, charm and character.

A Popular Option

According to The National Association of Chimney Sweeps, 20% more householders are choosing to incorporate fireplaces into their homes. An antique fireplace can, therefore, cater to this growing demand, and could convince a potential buyer to make you a better offer on your property.

Maximise its Value

Of course, to generate the biggest return on your investment, you should put your home on the market during winter. As the weather will more than likely be a little chilly outside, you can fire up the antique fireplace to grab potential buyers’ attention during a house viewing.

As their eye will be drawn towards the traditional fireplace, they will quickly realise your home is worth the asking price, so they will be more likely to make you an offer once they leave your property.

Find the Right Design

It is, however, essential to ensure a fireplace naturally complements your home and décor. For example, if you have a traditionally designed home that’s sophisticated and elegant, aim to find an antique fireplace with original features, which will ensure a room has the wow factor.

For example, Westland London stock more than 750 antique fireplaces to complement your needs. With styles spanning from Gothic and Renaissance to Victorian and Art Deco, there is bound to be a design to suit your interior design, property and budget.


Every homeowner should aim to boost their home’s value before putting it back on the market, which will help them to live a more comfortable lifestyle once they move into their new address.

So, while upgrading your bathroom and improving your property’s kerb appeal can add a substantial sum onto your sales price, you would be wise to consider installing a beautiful antique fireplace into your home, which could encourage multiple house hunters to make you an offer.


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