A well-fitted kitchen is a necessity for modern living. A fully functional, aesthetically pleasing kitchen with proper storage and organisation is what every modern household needs. The fitted kitchens look inviting, and it is easy to work in this space. Kitchen cabinets are an integral element of your kitchen design or remodel because it enhances the appearances and adds storage space.  

However, choosing the right cabinet for your kitchen can be challenging. Colour and style are the two most important considerations when making a selection. Whether you’re looking to upgrade a few things or remodelling the entire kitchen, here are some tips to help you explore the choices and find the right one that best suits your needs without stressing you out.

Consider the Kitchen Style 

Cabinets are a visible design element in your kitchen. However, a lot of it depends on your kitchen area. Do you have a traditional or modern kitchen? Whatever your kitchen style, you have to choose your cabinet accordingly. Also, how much space does the kitchen offer? Does it have enough room, or is it compact? 

For compact kitchens, there are modern cabinets with space-saving technology like cabinets hidden behind doors, corner carousel cabinets, etc. These don’t take up a lot of room and offer great storage as well. Choose a cabinet that syncs with your kitchen to get the best look.

Choose the Material

There is a wide range of cabinet materials available in markets. You can choose from a wide range of materials like stainless steel, wood, melamine, etc. The most popular of them is solid wood. Choose the material not only by the style but also by the durability, cost, finish, etc. After all, it is not that you go around changing your kitchen cabinets daily.

Consider Your Storage Needs

From cutlery, utensils to ingredients, cabinets are used to store a wide variety of stuff. Choose the cabinet style based on your need. Do you need it to store appliances, jars, condiments, kitchen ingredients, or just cutlery? 

There are drawer-style cabinets for small stuff like spoons, forks, and napkins, while cupboard-style cabinets are particularly useful if you want to store your expensive china, crockery, etc. 

The Hardware

Cabinets are an essential part of your kitchen. Knobs, handles, and hinges play an essential role in determining the quality and durability of the cabinets. You don’t want a doorknob that comes off within days of using it. There are a wide variety of stylish knobs and handles that you can choose from for your kitchen cabinets. Choose them wisely.

Experiment with Colour

Add a bit of colour to your fitted kitchens. Some colours make your countertops come alive, while some make the whole area appear dull and dim. For instance, dark brown cabinetry with contrasting countertops can make the entire area pop. Balancing light with the dark is a rule of thumb as far as colour combinations are concerned.

Plan your Kitchen Layout

Plan and assess your kitchen layout before deciding on the cabinetry. If you have an L-shaped or galley kitchen, space will be small, and you have to plan your storage effectively. Assess where your fridge, washer, and other appliances will be placed before deciding the cabinets. Plan what will go where before you get your cabinets done.

Finally, remember your cabinet style should adapt to your kitchen and add value to the property overall. Understand and research all your options. Check online for different cabinet design ideas and talk to your kitchen supplier accordingly. 

It is an investment or value-addition to your home, so choose cabinet designs that make your kitchen more functional. Take time; don’t rush through it.


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