Fans of Rochdale’s very own Gracie Field’s may be interested in an event this Friday (28th Feb).

Stockport Plaza hosts a tribute afternoon in honour of one of the most beloved stars of classic British actress.

Beginning with a light afternoon tea in the venue’s 1930s-style art deco Café Lounge, Plaza director David Blake will host an insightful presentation, building up to two of Gracie’s greatest films, Sing As We Go and Look Up and Laugh, shown later in the evening.

As well as celebrating the life and work of the star herself, David will also discuss the acclaimed writer of both films, J B Priestley, and Welsh songwriter Harry Par Davies, who wrote the music scores, before attention is turned to the special double bill screening.


Fri 28 Feb, Stockport Plaza, Mersey Square, Stockport, SK1 1SP, tea and talk starts at 5.30pm, film screenings at 7.30pm, tea and talk £10, film screenings £6.50,


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