Medical cannabis has garnered sensational responses all over the world, thanks to its magical health benefits. Various countries have legalized the medical use of cannabis and its extracts like CBD.

CBD laws in the UK have recently undergone changes too. The government in England and Wales has allowed private practitioners and NHS-employed entities to prescribe “cannabis-based medicinal products.” People with specific ailments can get CBD-infused drugs or medical cannabis when prescribed by a doctor in the NHS. Adults can now buy and consume CBD oil and CBD gummies in the UK made from hemp plants. In the UK, CBD obtained its legalization back in the year 2018. Since then, adults across all age groups, including the pensioners, have enjoyed this wonder compound. Since 31 March 2021, CBD traders must also have applied for and acquired a Novel Foods Licence application from the Foods Standards Agency to ensure further UK consumers purchase quality products.

However, using CBD oils for health is a comparatively new concept, which makes many people skeptical. They have unsolved queries about its side effects, one of the most common being- does it harm the kidneys? 

In this article, we will try to find if CBD oil poses a threat to our kidneys.

CBD oil is derived from cannabis plants, and it has many medicinal benefits. Studies suggest that CBD can benefit our health in various ways, and it is also capable of improving conditions related to many complex health issues, both mental and physical. Consequently, CBD supplements are now immensely popular for health reasons.

So, what impact does CBD have on our kidneys?

CBD, on consumption, mixes with your bloodstream and can reach different parts of your body and the receptors present. This has caused many people to feel worried about how it might affect kidney functions (or if it impacts at all).

Well, in this matter, studies that have been conducted have failed to bring any conclusive results – there are no such findings that are indicative of any negative impacts of CBD on the kidneys (Source). However, this might be a cause of concern when we talk about the “quality” of the CBD product purchased. 

Organically-grown pure cannabis is nutrient-rich. But low quality or fake weed is highly likely to be contaminated and can affect your overall well-being and not only the kidneys. So, before buying CBD oil, you must ensure the quality of the cannabis from which it is manufactured.

Kidney failure relates to cases when the kidney can no longer filter waste products in your body. The toxin build-up can cause serious health issues. It is thought that low-quality cannabis could contain impurities that bring about undesirable effects and even degrade the normal functioning of your kidneys. It is likely to be dangerous for your overall health to consume any low quality food, drink or medicinal products containing impurities, so must be strictly avoided where possible.

So, what is the final verdict?

Well, there is no conclusive evidence, as yet, to suggest that CBD oil adversely affects the kidneys of a healthy individual (Source). However, you must consult with the doctor first and buy from authorized dispensaries or outlets in the UK to make sure to receive only good quality and original CBD products.


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