Indian food can be a favorite among many households. Many of us have been missing this delicacy because of Covid-19 and the lockdowns, being cautious of ordering food in or getting take out. Luckily Indian food is not hard to cook at home. These dishes are super simple and easy homemade Indian dishes that are sure to satiate your craving for spices. 

1. Aloo Gobi 

This dish is a blend of cauliflower and deliciously spiced potatoes. Aloo Gobi is full of flavors, it is an excellent comfort, vegan, and simply one of the most enjoyed Indian dishes!

Aloo Gobi is a popular Indian cuisine with onions, tomatoes, and spices, in which potatoes and cauliflower are cooked. You can cook this dish in so many ways. Using only onions or tomatoes or without using any onions or tomatoes! It‘s such a versatile dish, this makes it easy to cook up from scratch. The dish is also vegan. Without any modifications to it, like many other Indian-originated recipes, this dish is made solely with the tastes of spices, herbs, and vegetables. 

The main tip for cooking this recipe is to make sure that the vegetables aren’t overcooked and become soggy. This texture will ruin the taste and flavors of the spices added into the mixture. One way to combat this is to half cook the potatoes and cauliflower before adding them to the sauce and spices mixture. This makes sure they keep their shape and stops their texture from becoming too soggy. 

2. Chana Masala 

Simple and easy Chana Masala is made with uncooked, overnight soaked chickpeas that are cooked with onion, tomatoes, and spices. Yet another famous Indian dish that is vegan and gluten-free. 

This dish is great for vegans and vegetarians who are looking to get their daily amount of protein in. Since it is filled with chickpeas (a high protein content food) Chana Masala is protein-packed. For people that prefer spice, most recipes you will find online will have a spicey version of this meal however it’s also easy to add fewer spices and it will still taste just as good. The dish uses the usual Indian spices: coriander powder, cumin, paprika, turmeric, chili powder, and garam masala. If you’re someone who doesn’t like spice then you can skip the chili powder. 

This dish is super easy to make, it takes less than 20 minutes of cooking time. Make sure that you have your chickpeas soaked overnight and cooked before starting the curry. Corrie Cooks blog shows you how to cook chickpeas in an instant pot. If you want to save time you can also use canned chickpeas. 

This beautiful curry pairs well with rice or naan for a solid and hearty meal.

3. Samosas 

Samosas are a famous snack eaten around the world that actually originated in the Middle East. Only during the Delhi Sultanate rule was samosas introduced in India. However, many people considered it an Indian delicacy because they’re so popular in the country you’ll find them at any store. The best thing about this flaky pastry is that it can be adapted to many styles, they can be made vegan, vegetarian, or for meat-eaters. 

Samosas are a super easy-to-eat food that can be laid out for any occasion, whether for a family meal or a small party at home. It’s quite hard to find a good samosa recipe from restaurants outside of India. Luckily these delicacies can be perfected and made at home. This food is a treat that you will have fun making at home with family and friends. 

Like other pastries, there is a way of perfecting the samosa recipe that might take you a couple of tries. The tips to keep in mind are: not overworking the dough, letting the dough rest for 40 minutes, not using flour while rolling the samosa, and frying the samosa on low heat. 

4. Red Lentil Dahl 

This dish is definitely one of the staple dishes in Indian cuisine. No matter what your social status or class is, everyone enjoys this meal. It can be eaten with naan, bread, or rice. “Dahl” is a term that is used for dried and split legumes (lentils, peas, beans) but it is also the name of the dish itself. Although it is a curry it has a thicker texture that is more like a stew. Lentils have been used in meals for a long time, they were probably a staple food all over South Asian countries. 

It’s hard to go wrong with an Indian Lentil Dahl. They are quite quick and easy to make and you can adapt the recipes according to the tastes that you like. The dish is rich in micro and macronutrients such as carbohydrates and proteins. This flavorful curry is delicious and healthy. It is a perfect dish to keep you warm on Autumn and Winter days. A plus with this recipe is that the ingredients are inexpensive and simple, most of the ingredients you may already have in your cupboard. 

5. Butter Chicken 

Butter chicken is one of the most popular recipes in the world, not just in India. It is a recipe with chunks of grilled chicken also known as tandoori chicken that is cooked in a smooth and creamy tomato gravy. In India, this dish is known as much makhani. It was created by the owner of the most popular restaurant in India, his name was Kundan lal Gujral. This dish became a way for restaurants and families to reduce their food waste. If they had chunks of chicken leftover from the day before they would turn it into this amazing dish the next day. 

This dish is a lot less spicy and rich with herbs and spices than other Indian dishes. It is very popular among children because of this. The chicken is a great protein provider and the cashews and almonds that make the curry provides a lot of healthy fats. Butter chicken is mostly eaten with naan bread or rice. It is great when paired with flavored rice like yellow rice or fried rice.

6. Matar Paneer 

This dish is made with green peas, Indian cheese, onions, tomatoes, spices, and herbs. The dish is actually a Northern Indian dish that is creamy and super flavorful. Usually, it is served over steamed basmati rice, butter naan, roti, or any flatbreads.

“Matar” is the Indian word for peas and “paneer” is the word for cheese. As the name tells us, this dish simmers together peas and panner mixed with other spicey herbs for a flavorsome curry. This dish does not have one specified way of being made. Every household and person has a different recipe according to their own likes and tastes. 

The gravy is started off being made with sauteed onions and tomatoes together with some spices. This is either blended or mashed together to create a paste consistency. Water is added to this paste until a thick consistency is achieved and then the green peas and paneer are added. Like many of the recipes mentioned in this article, this dish can be frozen and kept in the freezer. Just like with the samosas this dish can also be made in an instant pot. 



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