Did you know that many employers are opting to create a corporate uniform for their workforce, more than ever before? Trust and identifiable branding is always part of the bigger corporate plan but have you thought that a corporate uniform can do a lot of good for your business and how recognised it is?

The benefits of having a corporate uniform are extensive, both for employers and the staff. Although a business having a smart/casual policy can have its benefits, having a professional company uniform helps promote company loyalty, creates brand awareness, offers employee protection and also eliminates any dress code concerns and ensures equality.

For employers helping to create an attractive business image your business plan should consider all the vital aspects of how it will present itself to the outside world. Considering having a corporate uniform will really help with the first impressions and loyalty. Immediately establishing a professional business image that will help to attract and also retain customers, and hold that client relationship in a positive way. 

So why should you opt for a corporate uniform?

Not only does it ensure that the workforce presents a professional image, but a corporate uniform will also provide promotion and ‘free’ advertising for your company. Uniforms will help to display the corporate logos and colours to clients and the public, it’s a way to advertise and boost your brand awareness. Many brands rely on their distinctive logo or colours to promote a sense of reliability and comfort for their customers, an established brand will have a great reputation associated with that logo and instil a quiet confidence that customers are reassured by.

Whatever industry you are in, you will need to take into account the needs of your staff, and the type of work that they are carrying out, but often a corporate tie emblazoned with the company logo can be just the finishing touch that your business needs to complete it’s perfectly professional appearance. With personal staff budgets uncontrollable for you a company uniform is one thing that you can consider to streamline the outward appearance of your team. 

So, what are the simplest options?

Company Ties

A simple, small and effective start is to consider commissioning a series of company ties which can proudly display your corporate logo. You can think about having a different colour or twist so to differentiate if you have more than one department or team that you want to give their own individual logo. By allocating a change of colours or a department name both staff and customers can see at a glance that they are dealing with the appropriate person.

By selecting corporate woven ties, you can ensure a 5 star status for your company, giving a clean, crisp and professional appearance at all times by all members of staff. You will want to match your brand colours to the design so make sure that you have these all sorted and are happy with them before you commission any work. Being on brand from the outset is a must for any business, small, medium or large!

Polo Neck Tops

If you are yet to find the perfect logo or moniker to compliment your business then think about a set colour of polo neck shirt. This means that staff will still feel a sense of belonging to the company and these can be embossed at a later date when logo designs are finalised.

Staff feel the benefits:

Employees will also benefit greatly from having a work uniform. 

Whatever industry you’re in a corporate uniform provides a team mentality, ensuring that each member of staff is equal and visibly part of the team. Having all staff members display a collective and consistent appearance will enforce the feeling that they are a team, give them a sense of loyalty that they can be proud to display, and helps them with working together positively. It can also assist those who may be new to the corporate world and perhaps may not yet be familiar with appropriate corporate work attire. Providing your staff with a corporate uniform will ensure everyone is displaying the same standard across all departments.

Clients Believe In You!

Having an identifiable corporate identity to clients can only be a good thing. Seeing a recognisable logo, tie or uniform gives clients a sense of continuity increasing their sense of trust when they see a company representative wearing the same thing. It gives an identifiable look to your customers and this can be a quite significant part of how your brand vision is achieved.

You Can Claim Tax Relief!

Another great reason for considering all of the above is the financial incentive through tax relief! According to Money Saving Expert ‘The standard flat rate expense allowance (FREA) for uniform maintenance is £60 (for 2018/19) – so basic-rate taxpayers can claim £12 back (20% of £60), and higher-rate payers £24 (40% of £60). The £60 is a flat rate, so you don’t need to record and report the individual amounts you spend’. What better incentive then getting a financial gain from having staff wear a corporate tie or uniform.

What else should I consider as well as uniform?

Now you have your team uniform sorted it’s worth thinking about where the branding could be seen in the future. Branded materials are quite good for the corporate world – think mugs in the staff room, USB sticks and pens. These are often also a small layout but can be a great investment. 

Laptop sleeves or stickers with your logo on for your office and working on the go devices are a great way to get the brand out their and meetings or business events too! The world really is your oyster!


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