After building up a reputation for themselves within the folk music scene and touring all over the globe, Café Spice have announced their third single, ‘Open Door’, to be released this Friday (27th September) – get ready for some tasty vocal harmonies!

Open Door, is a song about two people who love each other and although they want deeply to be together at this moment in time it’s not possible. The trio tells us, “it’s about having to say goodbye to someone when you know that you love them, when you know it’s not the end of your story and when you know it’s not forever. You’re leaving them for now, leaving them in pain, but leaving with an open door behind you.”

Born from a love of singing in harmony, beautifully crafted songs and plain naan bread, Manchester-based all-female indie-folk band Café Spice have been blessing our eardrums with heavenly and autumnal harmonies since the release of their first single ‘Lauren’ in 2018.

Since then the trio made up of Georgia Gage (Scotland), Niamh Feeney (Ireland) and Eleanor (The North), have been performing gigs in most major cities across the UK and a significant series of gigs in Bangkok earlier this year. Not to mention a sold-out full-band gig at Jimmy’s in Manchester.


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