Having a party but not sure how to decorate? Hosting a party is a stressful endeavour, but there are few things more satisfying than a orchestrating a successful one. Splashing out on one-use items isn’t necessary though; making the most of what we already have is. Here are some tips and tricks on how to decorate your house for a party without breaking the bank:

Choose a theme and get inspired

There are endless inspirational social media posts where you can gather some great ideas for your party decorations. Although, before you start scrolling, it is useful to decide on what kind of theme you would like to go with for your party. Is it a children’s birthday or a wedding anniversary? Is it a themed party or just a casual gathering? Niching down usually makes it easier to eliminate the paradox of choice.

Those decoration ideas can be overwhelming and all look great, but you cannot use them all. Having a brief idea of what you will go for will certainly save time and help narrow down the selection.

Start with DIY before spending money

Even if you do not consider yourself a crafty person, DIY decorations are a great way to save some money. Besides that, children or friends can always get involved in the process, making this tedious job into a fun activity.

All that those decorations will need is some products like coloured paper, scissors, good quality glue, strings, maybe some loose glitter or felt tip pens. Most of these items you can probably find in the bottom of a drawer anyway.  Some common decorations you can make out of these include:

  • Paper flowers and ornaments
  • Spelling out words with paper
  • Garland made out of paper and string hanging from the ceiling
  • Using empty bottles as lights,  flower pots or decorations
  • Plastic cups covered in loose glitter

Take your time with the food buffet

A nicely decorated food buffet can easily serve as the main decoration in a party. The best part about it is that you can get as creative as you want and it is hard to mess up.

For a more sophisticated party you can cover the buffet in flowers or rose petals, use neutral colours and nicely folded napkins. A buffet for a colourful themed party, however, has unlimited decoration options: colourful straws, napkins, paper umbrellas, fun cups, etc.

Instagram-worthy photo corner

A successfully decorated party is the one that makes its way into pictures and Instagram posts. Although pictures will be taken no matter what, providing your guests with a photoshoot backdrop is a great idea.

This doesn’t have to be anything complicated, simply some decorations hanging on the wall, balloons, maybe something funny written down or some props to use in pictures will be enough. As long as it looks fun in the picture, it will definitely be an often-visited part in the room during the party.

Bring the nature inside

Even if you cannot host your party in the garden, you can bring some of the garden inside. Simply placing some flowers and plants will bring some life into the room. Flowers can be used as centrepieces on the table, as decorations around the room and at the entrance or on the windows.


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