The brother of Moors Murder victim Keith Bennett has issued a plea for the solicitor of one of his killers Ian Brady to reveal the contents of two briefcases he left behind after his death.

Brady asked for two combination-locked cases to be taken from his room at Ashworth Hospital in Merseyside and put in secure storage just hours before he died in May 2017.

Police sought a search warrant to open the cases and examine the contents for any clue to the spot where Brady and his accomplice Myra Hindley buried the boy thought to be on Saddleworth Moor.

Robert Makin, Brady’s solicitor, has refused requests from Greater Manchester police and from Keith’s family to examine the contents of the briefcases.

Alan Bennett, Keith’s brother, told The Times: “There is a desperate need to look for anything that may help in the recovery of Keith’s body and there may be something in those cases.

During my correspondence with Brady many years ago he stated that he had left instructions in his will for me alone. He did not give any further detail but it was at a time when I was searching on the moor and asking him about routes taken, areas of the moor, landmarks. The refusal by Mr Makin to help any further is a great cause of distress considering that my brother’s body still remains on the moor while all the other victims have been returned to their loved ones for a proper burial. Surely anything that could help to bring Keith home has to be made available to the police. There seems to be no compassion or thought for Keith or his family.”

Keith Bennett was twelve years old when he was abducted by the couple on his way to his grandparents house in Longsight in June 1964.


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