Oldham Council has today condemned the illegal rave that took place on Saturday night at Daisy Nook.

There are believed to have been around 4,000 people at the peak of the gathering, with one case of a 20-year old man sadly passing away.

Whilst Greater Manchester Police are investigating the event, the council shows a huge appreciation to the officers and volunteers that came together to clean-up the mess that was left over on Sunday. 

Oldham Council Leader Sean Fielding said: “I’d just like to say our thoughts are with the family and friends of the young man who sadly died. The news coming out about some of the horrific events at the Daisy Nook rave is truly shocking.

“Gathering for an illegal rave at a local beauty spot is something that would be rightly condemned at any time for the danger it places people in and the mess that is left for others to clean up. Though for this to happen in the middle of a global coronavirus pandemic adds an entirely new dimension to how irresponsible and selfish this gathering was. Gathering in these numbers under these circumstances has put many more people at risk of harm than just those present.”

“I would like to extend my thanks to those local residents who volunteered with the clean-up effort. It shouldn’t be necessary for volunteers to give up their time picking up other people’s rubbish on a Sunday but it does provide reassurance that the majority of people out there are decent and responsible.”

“Oldham Council will be working with Tameside Council and Greater Manchester Police to follow up on any actions that are necessary in response to what happened.”

Anyone with footage of the event that could assist with police enquiries should send it toscd.cctv@gmp.police.uk so that Greater Manchester Police can review it.


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