Praxis XL Exhibition, a new exhibition looking at Factory Records, will be opening tomorrow (08/11).

It is a retrospective of Factory Records – which is 40 years old this year – and features 40 of the organisation’s most interesting and esoteric releases and activities. Factory did not just restrict themselves to releasing records and their excursions into nightclubs, bars, films and a variety of other schemes are all represented.

The exhibition is designed and curated by Trevor and Craig Johnson, two stalwarts of Factory’s design roster, and features designs by Trevor Johnson himself as well as Central Station, 8vo, Ben Kelly and, of course, Peter Saville. We’ll also be featuring an exhibition of photographs by Kevin Cummins, who, perhaps more than anyone, captured the Factory story.

The exhibition opens proper on Friday 08/11 and runs right up until Christmas. Visit it at 58 Port Street Manchester M1 2EQ – it is open Wednesday through to Saturday 11:00 until 17:00.


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