Manchester City Centre will welcome it’s first ‘golf club’ next month when The Range tees off at its Spinningfields base.

The Range has been set up by 31-year-old Andrew McLoughney, a former +2 handicap golfer, who has decided to bring a unique golfing opportunity to the northern powerhouse – the chance to play 100 of the most exclusive golf courses in the world, from the heart of city centre.

Andrew travelled the world playing the finest golf courses, in the most prestigious golf tournaments. However, injuries curtailed his promising career and brought him to Manchester city centre where he has chosen to establish The Range.

The Range, based in Left Bank, will house 5 highly-advanced golf simulators that allow members and non-members to play 100 of the finest golf courses on the planet. It is due to open to the public on the week commencing November 6th.

Also in the 3,500-sq. ft. space on the first floor of the Spinningfields-based building will be a members’ private bar, serving high end food and beverages.

Next door to the golfing area will be a 1,000-sq. ft. bar/restaurant serving fine wine, cocktails and ales – this area is the perfect location to take in the sights of Spinningfields whilst sitting under what promises to be a very impressive lighting installation by Tyson Lighting.

Blackpool-born owner Andrew said the past 20 years of his life has prepared him for his first venture into the world of business and hospitality.

“It’s a big and unique project,” said Andrew, whose bid to be a professional golfer ended when he was involved in a motorbike accident in Vietnam.

“But I’m ready for it as I’ve been engrossed in golf since I was 12 years old. My parents are both business owners, as is my brother.

“So, I suppose now is my time. And it just happens to be that I’m launching a virtual golf club in the UK’s second city.”

He added: “When I was injured, that’s when I became interested in technology and the simulators that a lot of the top players in the world were using to better their own games.”

The Range uses special technology utilising stereoscopic cameras of a golf club’s face which provides incredibly accurate data.

Andrew said: “The technology is remarkable, it really is and people who come in are going to have to see it all to believe it. The 100 virtual courses can be played on the simulators but members and non-members will be able to tailor simulators to their needs. For instance, when I play on them, I tend to choose to play nine holes of my favourite golf courses around the world.”

The venue will also host events and golf competitions. And Andrew is keen to get city centre residents and the business community involved.

“First and foremost, The Range is going to be part of a fantastic building in Left Bank,” he said. “We want to make sure our residents, above us, are taken care of.

“We will also be looking after Manchester-based businesses, the corporate sector, and the public, should they want to come in from the rain and play some golf with friends and colleagues.

“We have fantastic in-house PGA coaches who can improve people’s game should people want to learn.”


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