London is not only losing to Manchester in football but is also losing its people. Recent trends show us that a lot of Londoners are uprooting and are departing to live in Manchester. You are probably thinking, “Wait, isn’t it the other way around?” No, it’s not! 

The latest figures say that 10,200 people left London for Manchester. Compared to 8,870 people who went the other way, the final score says that London is losing three people a day to Manchester.

Why are people going the opposite way all of a sudden when all these years people have stemmed to go to London? Sometimes, changing the place or even a town where your life can bring a lot of positive points. Hanging out with different people, experiencing and seeing new things, it all comes with this kind of change. 

But you can’t forget the part that nobody likes when relocating which includes packing and carrying all those boxes. Fortunately, for people from London, they can hire AmazingMoves, a prominent house removal company, and have them take care of everything for them. Either way, change is good and many people should think about it.

As for the people of London, here are just some of the reasons that make them relocate to Manchester.

Manchester Has All the Fun Places to Hang Out

One of the many advantages that Manchester has are places to go out to. Of course, London was the birthplace of many music genres and trends, but Manchester is not a long way off. If you like partying and going out, Manchester brings everything that London has and even more. You can start from one place and hop to the next one and spend the whole night doing that.

Manchester has everything for everybody. No matter how you fit in and what your style may be, Manchester has you covered. You can visit the Deansgate where all the glossy and groomed people hang out, or you can go look for an adventure at the eccentric Northern Quarter. But if you are a hipster type, then Chorlton is the place to be.

Manchester is a Beautiful Place

London is probably the cultural and fashion center of the UK. But Manchester is not far behind currently. Most people remember Manchester for its industrial past. Those parts are still there and give the city its own type of a feeling which we all know and love. Mills, canals, viaducts; everything is still there and shows us how proud Manchester really is.

But a lot of investors have come to Manchester since then. Many of them have decided to pour in some capital and make the city greater. Today, stylish glass and steel structures dominate the new Manchester and it’s just one of the reason that makes it so attractive for newcomers. But if you still prefer the rural side, Disley, Flixton or Haigh are still there.

Become a Vinyl Addict

London may be seen as a trendsetter but Manchester has all the cool vinyl places to visit. Moving to Manchester also means having all those places close by to you and you can visit them daily. No matter what your music preference may be, there is something for everybody there.

Probably the most recognized vinyl store is legendary Piccadilly Records, probably the best independent record shop on the planet. You can find new kinds of music and get interested in it as the city allows you to explore electronic music or learn more about the late-’80s acid house explosion in Manchester. All in all, it is a worthy place to live in if you are into vinyl.

Real Estate is Cheaper

One of the advantages of moving to Manchester is that a lot of things are substantially cheaper. The cost of living in Manchester trump the amount you will spend by living in London. Renting a flat or let alone buying one in London will cost you a lot of money. But the story is completely different in Manchester.

If you decide to move here you can rent an apartment for about £600, as opposed to £1,600 that it actually costs in London. Things get even better with buying real estate as you can actually afford to buy housing in Manchester rather than in London. The current average price for buying a place in Manchester goes around £176,862.

Indulge Yourself with Culture

London may be the cultural center of the country, but Manchester is certainly not lagging behind. The city has its fair share of museums and galleries and allows people who are into that to enjoy them any time they like. It is where Whitworth Art Gallery (voted as 2015’s Museum Of The Year) is situated.

Besides it, there are The Deaf Institute, Night & Day local landmark, Band on the Wall, HOME and The Lowry. It is a perfect answer to everything London has to throw at you.

Incredible Dining Scene

Foodies go wherever good food is, and Manchester is certainly a place to indulge your stomach. Manchester has actually gone through an astounding change when it comes to food. Most people agree that English cuisine is probably the worst in the world, but after accepting some European standards there are more and more places, which offer good food.

Manchester is right in the middle of it and a lot of good restaurants and places with offer stellar food have popped out all of a sudden. In Manchester, you can go for daily or nightly dines as there are places which are open all night long especially for people who are looking for a good night out or a good meal to go. Manchester is now more equipped to accommodate people of different tastes as it has Italian, Chinese, Japanese and all other types of restaurants for people with exquisite palates.


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