Investing is a process, usually quite long, in which you use your funds to buy a property, or start a business, or help an existing one in order for them to provide safe and regular payments, thus making you wealthier. Investing is always accompanied by advertising. A successful investment will not only mean you get money, but that your name will also be recognized as a trustworthy one.

Biggest Opportunities

How and where to invest? It is entirely up to you. Some people like to invest in buildings. Buying some ground, making a building from scratch and then subletting or selling the apartments can be a viable opportunity for the richest. 

Others prefer a subtle approach, like seeing a family business with good reputation. A firm like that can blossom under proper guidance. Most, however, prefer to buy a flat and sublet it for monthly payments. That money can be used to pay off loan at the bank made to buy the flat or simply added to your ever-growing bank account.


Key ingredient to a good investment is information. Knowing the area is of utmost importance when choosing where to spend your money. For living purposes, you should look for a place with a school nearby, less traffic, quiet streets. If you are a workaholic you might prefer an urban location, with lots of tall buildings and companies to check out.

If an area is in expansion, there is a good chance your property’s value might increase over time. Historically, if there was an industrial zone in the vicinity and there isn’t one now, it might mean that the area is dying and you should invest in other parts of the city.

London or Manchester?

UK is a great place for investing money. There are a lot of places to check out like Leicester, Northampton, Warrington and others… Many cities can be your next investment but two really stand out: capitol of the UK, London, and its biggest contestant, Manchester.

London’s growth has stagnated in the recent years and its current population is considered at just short of 9 million people. Flat owners can expect an average rental yield of 3.6%. Manchester, on the other hand, has barely over 2.5 million people. However, that number is expected to increase steadily in the coming years. As such, yearly yield is pretty high at 7.89%.

London has been busy as of late and has massively improved transportation within the city. Rail-road system is working flawlessly, making travel times insignificant. This means that more people are keen to accepting commuting as a primary means of transport.

Another appeal of the capitol is the vast number or small companies offering services for your home. And with a big competition, the prices are taking a hit. Quality matters, of course, but the prices are what define a successful company.

Investing usually indicates spending money in order to get money. So what is the best way to increase your property’s value? Exterior. This relates to both flats (and their buildings) and houses. Improving and maintaining  the garden, fixing the windows and other small home repairs are best left to professionals. HandyGardeners, a well known gardening company from London, can do that and their prices on average are 10-20% higher in Manchester than they are in London.

Manchester’s great advantage over London is the University, 4 in fact. There are over 100 thousand students in the city of Manchester. Those students, aged from 20 to 34 are considered target age group for rental market. The market is saturated with students looking for good accommodation and so the rent increases.

House or Apartment?

It’s important to invest correctly. There are a lot of hidden costs when investing and they can make or break you profit. Flats might seem better at first, but their unexpected costs in the form of quarterly service charges and that amount can be changed at will. And there is always that fear that a rich company will simply build a complex nearby and completely devaluate your property.

Houses on the other hand are much simpler. Starting off with NO hidden costs, you buy what you see. There are no other members of society that have a saying in how you deal with your home. It is yours and yours’ alone. You can decorate it the way you want to and even completely rebuild it if needed.



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