When designing, remodelling, or furnishing a home, people often follow one theme religiously. This theme is visible in their choice of colour, lighting, furniture, and even décor. If someone wants their theme to be neutral colours, they might end up making everything in their house neutral coloured. While this may sound like a good idea for some, it ends up looking far too monotonous and boring. 

In case this happens, the answer is quite simple. Use a door that fits into the theme but makes sure that it breaks the monotony. Here are 3 types of internal doors that can uplift the look of your house:

1.    Pine doors 

Pine doors are often referred to as blank canvases. You can use them to unleash your inner artists by using any colours or designs that you want, or by decorating them in whatever way you think is best. 

Not only do they look sleek and sturdy, but they are also sleek and sturdy! They are designed with solid pine cores which ensures that they last longer and look a lot better than other doors as well. One of the best things about them is their versatility. They can give an antique look if you use them as is and can also provide a more modern look by using dull varnish or a little paint. 

2.    Victorian Internal Doors

Victorian doors have a standard classic design that is everlasting and evergreen. The four-panel design has been a favourite of many for many years and can fit in with any theme and interior. 

Unfinished Victorian internal doors are great investments for those that want some artistic freedom to change up their door style the way they want. They also come in different woods, shapes, and sizes, which makes them one of the most customizable doors that exist. 

One of the best parts about them is the fact that they are made to last long so that they can resist any wear and tear, and prove themselves to be a good investment. 

3.    1930’s style door 

When you want to uplift your home, a 1930’s style door is a great option. These iconic but extremely fun looking pieces can make any interior brighter and more inviting. Due to their very design, these timeless doors remind the viewer of an older age that was categorized by fun-loving people, a lot of good music, and some of the best art and design are known to us. 

A 1930’s door made to fit the interior design of the home can make everything in the home seem a lot more uplifting. Such a door is the perfect option for your house. 

Choosing the right sort of internal door can have a significant impact on the way the interior of the home looks. To make sure the interior of the house looks uplifted, choose a door that not only looks great but is also long-lasting and reliable. 


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