Famously dubbed the Ghost train,the country’s most infamous train experience is having its journey doubled from the end of this month.

The famous service that runs just once a week between Stockport and Stalybridge will for the first time in 27 years have a return journey.

Starting from Saturday the 26th of May, the train will leave Stalybridge at 08.46am stopping at Denton and Reddish South  arriving in Stockport at 09.09 before it returns in the opppsite direction, leaving Stockport at 09.45 to arrive in Stalybridge twenty one minutes later.

The Friends of Reddish South Station are campaigning for a reinstated regular passenger service which they say would create ‘The East Manchester Corridor’ linking Manchester Victoria to Stockport.

The line is kept open as it is cheaper for Northern Rail  to run this train than to have to close a line because that involves a parliamentary procedure.



  1. Years ago when I lived in Stalybridge there was regular train service to/from Stockport several times a day. What a pity it has come to this.

  2. Well what a useful service. Returning straight away, not even time to go off and do a bit of shopping, before it turns round and comes straight back. A later return time may encourage more users.

  3. I agree “Toot Toot” its pretty useless just like the old ONE WAY ONLY train, but more to the point is that thousands of us now in Stockport, Reddish and Denton are now campaigning for proper rail services along that line from Stockport to Manchester Victoria the real centre of M/c.

  4. I agree if it was a couple of hours later returning could at least get a drink and look around. We used to go shopping on Saturdays by Train to Stockport. My sister used the train for work too.


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