From Cornelia Parker and Sex and the Stereotype at the Whitworth to Margaret Harrison, The Unthanks and No More Page 3 with a special after hours event at Manchester Art Gallery, Manchester’s celebration of female creativity and ingenuity runs across the city from 1-31 March 2015.

Wonder Women, the city wide celebration of women’s art, culture, film, sport, history, music and much more, returns to the city that gave rise to the suffragette movement this coming March.

From 1-31 March, almost all of the city’s museums and galleries, as well as other public institutions, will be staging events that celebrate female creativity and ingenuity, commemorate the suffragette movement, and ask just how far feminism has come since women first began campaigning for the right to vote 100 years ago.

The end result will be a whole month of new art, documentary film, museum exhibitions, football events, performance art, theatre, dance, architecture, guided walks, fashion, political debate, stand-up literature, cinema and much more.

The full festival programme is live at


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