What do the actor Benedict Cumberbatch of ‘Sherlock’ fame and the famous mathematician Alan Turing have in common? They both have competed their studies in the city of Manchester. Manchester is one of UK’s most popular cities is widely known for its historical sites, vibrant culture and two internationally renowned soccer teams.

If you want to have a fun-filled university experience that also includes the novelty of a foreign city, Manchester should be on your list of viable places to get a university education. Even if you just want to join a language school, Manchester can still be a great option. Read on to discover what you can look forward to while pursuing a course in this city.

Benefits of studying in Manchester

Manchester is renowned for being a great student destination with its list of world-class universities and schools. Here are the benefits of completing your education in this historic city.

  • Diverse and multicultural: Owing to the presence of two internationally famous soccer teams (Manchester United and Manchester City), Manchester is visited by thousands of people across the globe. This diversity in the ethnicities and backgrounds of people in the city gives it a unique multicultural vibe. If you are an extrovert who loves socialising, the city can be a haven for you.
  • Welcoming vibes for foreign nationals: Manchester is known for being warm to newcomers and it outgoing locals. Unlike other large cities, you will not feel lost or overwhelmed by the pace of the city. Manchester offers the convenience of living in a big city along with the cosiness of a small town life. You can also gain easy access to green spaces to grab some peace and quiet time.
  • Affordable cost of living: Unlike it brethren, Manchester offers an affordable standard of living in spite of being a large city. Essentials like accommodation, travel costs, groceries and fuel are reasonably priced which allows you to comfortably live on a student’s budget. Even if you like to eat out, there are many restaurants that serve cheap yet tasty meals in the city.
  • Close proximity to tourist locations: If you are an outdoorsy type and would love to go on short trips and hikes on weekends, Manchester is ideally located in close proximity of various historic and natural attractions. Depending on if your itinerary and time to spare, you can visit nearby tourist spots like Liverpool, Chester, Lancaster, the Lake District or even London.
  • A food lover’s dream: Manchester is filled with high-scale restaurants, cheap delis and sandwich shops, quaint diners and artsy cafes catering to a wide variety of clientele. Irrespective of the cuisine you want to eat, you can find something that suits your taste and pockets. The vibrant culinary scene in the city allows you to sample other cuisines from different parts of the world as well as comfort food belonging to your culture.
  • Huge scope for a cultural lifestyle: If you are into a lot of extra-curricular activities like art or craft, there are loads of galleries, museums, activity centres, parks, music festivals and other events across Manchester that can keep your weekends busy. The city gives you a chance to live a life filled with fun and culture.

Once a booming industrial town, Manchester is fast climbing on the top of the list of premier student destinations. Whether you want to join a language school in Manchester for better education or pursue a post graduate degree in the city, you are sure to make beautiful memories and great friends in this city. Join a course in Manchester today to sample the exciting student life there.


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