Manchester is famed for being one of the most diverse cities in the UK. But one place where MCR can sometimes be overlooked is when it comes to casinos. With the bright lights of London and the legendary nightlife of Birmingham to compete with, many would assume that bigger always equals better. However, when it comes to clubhouses, Manchester comes out on top for many reasons.

Some may say this northern powerhouse is the ‘second city’ but it is certainly first when it comes to roulette, poker and blackjack. Here is why.

A Strong Gambling History

Casinos have been around in the UK since the 19th Century. And with Manchester being the buzzing hub that it is, it’s no stranger to betting and gambling throughout its time. However, the scene only really grew in popularity during the mid-2000s when the Gambling Act of 2005 changed things up in the UK. Despite Manchester’s excitement over a super-casino at the time in 2007, unfortunately, the casino didn’t work out. That said, other land casinos managed to stay.

Today, however, Mancs play poker, roulette and blackjack all through their phones. Thanks to a rise in popularity of the online casino, Mancunians can now remember their rich history of betting through playing games on the internet instead. It doesn’t matter if they are chilling at home in Didsbury or hanging out in The Northern Quarter, they can still be playing slots and games online for the full Las Vegas-style experience in England’s north-west.


As Manchester’s nightlife is definitely something to write home about, it makes it the perfect place to also enjoy the casino scene. The city contains a venue for just about everyone for every taste. You could be fine-dining one minute and seeing a live punk band the next. And where do casinos come in? Well, right in the middle of it all. Because they truly reflect on the individuality of MCR and mirror the electric atmosphere of a night on the town.

The great thing about casinos in Cottonopolis is that whilst in other cities, people may feel the need to dress up, there isn’t so much pressure to do that here. Of course, if people want to stick on a tux or cocktail dress they can, and they would be just as welcome as others in smart casual attire. Casinos in Manchester are just that sort of place.

They Are Easily Accessible

Compared to other big UK metropolises, MCR is great for pedestrians. This means that when you’re exploring the casinos it has to offer, you can easily get from one to the other without exhausting yourself. Or you could just hop on the handy tram to find your next destination.

In general, compared to other big places (cough cough, London, here’s looking at you), getting around doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Giving you an extra bit to use in the slots and on the roulette tables of MCR’s casinos.

Whether it’s remembering Manchester’s casino history, seeing them come to life at night, or even just realising how accessible the city is, there are so many reasons why Manchester is great for casinos.


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