University has started again! Have you just moved to Manchester for university?

Manchester has recently been voted as the third best city in the entire world which is amazing, just coming behind San Francisco and Amsterdam which is mind-blowing! Manchester is a city with something for everyone whether you are a student or a working professional.

We have put together a bit of a guide for making the most out of Manchester over the next 3 + years!

Get public transport everywhere!

Honestly you will save so much money and you can basically get a tram, train or bus to anywhere in Manchester and they come about every 10-12 minutes so you are never waiting too long to get to where you need to go, Manchester isn’t  a city where you need to drive. The public transport here is great and regular which is just what you need when you are a student. 

Explore and get to know your new city!

Manchester is an amazing city with so much to do! You will never get bored! The city has so much character which is something we love about it! Moving here as a student it is important to take the time out to explore your new city and surroundings. There are so many things to explore from historical landmarks to the best bars and restaurants in town. There is something for everyone and something to fit everyone’s price range. 

Plenty of study spots!

Manchester is full of great study spots for you to explore and see what vibe suits you the best! There are plenty of spots to choose from, for example, there are loads of small, quaint, quiet cafes for you to study in if you like peace and quiet whilst you are working. Or there are more lively places if you like to study and work with friends. You will 100% find a place that is perfect for you and get plenty of work done. 

Put yourself out there!

Moving to a new city can be terrifying especially if you don’t know anyone. However do not be afraid to put yourself out there! Talk to people in your class and make friends that way or there are plenty of Facebook groups that you can join with other people who have just moved to Manchester and are looking to make friends. You will find it so much easier to settle once you start to meet new people and make friends to explore the city with. 

Put your things in storage!

When it comes to travelling home for the summer, you don’t have to worry about bringing every single thing you have gathered over the year home with you. Instead rent out a storage space. Storage spaces are relatively cheap and student friendly. Putting your things in a storage unit close to your accommodation will save you so much time and stress. Have a look at Storage Ashton. Here they offer 50% off for your first 9 weeks of storage and they don’t require a deposit. You also won’t need to worry about hiring a moving van as they do free collections and removals! If you refer a friend too, you could save yourself a further £5 on your storage. It’s a win-win situation! 

Have you found this student guide helpful? These are best tips for moving to Manchester as a student as we know it can be daunting especially if you are coming from a smaller area! 


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