A series of public lectures will be taking place this week at Manchester Metropolitan University as part of a series of Public Lectures on species and conversation during Biology week.

The talks which explore how scientists in Manchester contribute to our global understanding of species and conservation, invite the general public to visit the University.

Dr Selvano de Kort, a researcher in animal behaviour explains that:

“Bird song has inspired poets and musicians alike. But do they sing for our pleasure or is there more to it. Why are pink pigeons confused? And what can song learning in birds can teach us about learning to talk in humans?”

Dr Matthew Sullivan, takes a look at animal behaviour on film and TV over half a century, visiting personalities and programmes such as Johnny Morris, Sir David Attenborough, Steve Irwin and ‘Life On Earth’.

Matthew explains some of the changes in our understanding of the science of animal behaviour that are reflected in this journey.

Monday 13 October – Dr Matthew Sullivan – The Science behind Nature Documentaries

Tuesday 14 October – Chris Harrison – Domestic Wind Turbines: Are Birds Affected? Fraser Combe – Conservation Genetics of Hazel Dormice

Wednesday 15 October – Dr Selvino de Kort – The Science of Birdsong

Thursday 16 October – Dr Martin Jones – The Black Rhino: life, death and inbreeding

All talks take place at Manchester Metropolitan University’s John Dalton Science Building at 6.30pm – Room CO14, Chester St M1 5GD
For further details contact engage@mmu.ac.uk or tweet us @MMUEngage


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