Traditional legacy with a Modern Twist

Invented in the 17th century, Timber Sash Windows captures the essence of British architecture and continues to adorn homes and commercial buildings. But, ever wondered why Timber Sash Windows reign the walls of all streets in London, even in the 21st century and what makes them the most favoured choice? 

Well, we all know Sash Windows enhances your home, adds character and aesthetics to your home interiors and exudes an aura of grandeur. But apart from leaving a sleek and elegant style to your home apertures, sash windows’ functional and operational quality hugely depends upon the material used. Hence, timber sash windows in London, UK prevail to exist. One of the primary reasons homeowners in the UK prefer timber material over uPVC is that Timber acts as a natural insulator.

If you own a period property and would like your windows to stay true to the property’s original character, then wooden sash windows are the only option for you. A significant perk of having a timber window is that it can easily replicate the style and design of the original sash windows. Compared to a uPVC window, a timber sash window offers more flexibility in design and varied colour options.

You are certainly mistaken if you believe that timber sash windows are outdated and wouldn’t match your tastes today. Thanks to modern advancements, you can now preserve your historic timber sash window tale with a modern touch, colour, design of your choice. That’s not all. Please continue reading to understand more benefits of having a wooden sash window in your home.

Savour Quality Endured and Value Added Windows

If you plan to sell or rent out your property, let us inform you that homes embedded with high-quality wooden sash windows have a higher selling rate. A timber window enhances not only the interior and exterior aesthetics of your home but also its financial value. 

New home buyers or renters want to feel at home with a comfortable and thermally efficient indoors. If you have a period home with a wooden sash window of modern functions and properties, it only adds to the tasteful appeal. Hence, buyers are willing to pay a higher price, making the chances of your property selling quicker.

In comparison to thee, plastic uPVC sash windows hold many reasons why you should invest in timber sash windows. One of the finest qualities of a timber sash window is that it is durable and long-lasting. Timber sash windows made from sustainably sourced wood are expected to last for up to 60 years. 

In contrast, uPVC only lasts for about 20 years. This is because uPVC is a porous material filled with pollution and starts to discolour after 10-20 years. It is also liable to turn crumbly and yellow under the sun, and they cannot be repainted or repaired, leaving you with replacement as the only choice.

On the contrary, wooden sash windows are incredibly versatile. They not only have a long life span but they can be painted, stained or carved to fit your desired taste. Apart from this, they require low maintenance and may require a refurbishment only once in 8-10 years, depending on the weather conditions they are exposed to. Timber sash windows are environmentally friendly compared to uPVC windows, which are difficult to decompose.

Wooden Sash windows are much more than a matter of taste. They also contribute to the economic and ecological factors. Therefore, thinking of replacing them without any solid reason is not a conscious decision.

Double Comfort with Double Glazing 

Many homeowners believe or assume that if they install timber sash windows for their homes in the UK, they won’t reap the advantages of double glazing. In fact, on this basis, many homeowners end up skipping the idea of either timber sash windows or sash windows overall. Allow us to debunk all your myths. Thanks to technological innovations, you can now double glaze your timber sash windows.

Single glazed windows can compromise the comfort of your home. You can be exposed to unwanted exterior noise, drafts and end up paying extra on your heating bills. Instead, if you switch to double-glazed timber sash windows, you get double the comfort and the double benefits. 

Timber is an excellent source for natural insulation, and double glazing means you get complete quality and durable windows. With the help of double glazing, you can keep and restore the traditional charm of your period property and enjoy a modern performance, excellent thermal insulation, sound and draft proofing and security.

If you are wondering about the costs of installing a timber sash window, then let us inform you that timber windows make for an excellent investment. This is because you would be saving on your energy bills and getting windows that will last a long time. A Timber Sash Window would any day steal the show and charm as opposed to uPVC windows.

SJB – Your Sash Window Specialists

If you are looking for a reliable and leading company, specialists to guide you for Timber Sash Windows, then look no further. Let us introduce ourselves. SJB Sash Windows – the experts you need for your windows. We are rated as Excellent on Trustpilot UK, with over 75+ reviews and 4.9* average rating. 

Started in 2001, a family-run business of manufacturing and installing quality sash windows, specialising in Timber, we have come a long way. Being in the industry for many years, we have seen the changes in sash windows and modern advancements. And hence, we would suggest that a Timber Sash Window would always be the most convenient window for your homes.

At SJB, our team of professional experts have experience in installing premium timber sash windows and rendering happy and satisfactory services to all our customers. We believe in forging healthy customer relations, and hence you can count on us. All you have to do is connect with our team and await your beautiful sleeky and shiny windows. Leave the rest to us. We manage it all with finesse for you, from the initial consultation to planning, installation, and delivering quality work. We also provide bespoke quotes, so you don’t have to worry about the installation costs.

You can always check our background by checking our reviews and feedback on Trustpilot. We only move ahead once you are convinced of our work.

So what are you waiting for? If you already have timber sash windows, enjoy the double comfort and if you don’t have, then get some installed now. Call us today on +44 20 8296 9487 or email us at We also provide video call quotations for your convenience. Connect with us for an unmatched quality window, and one of our experts will guide you.


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