If you’re looking for veneers in Turkey, you might have read a lot about crowns. While both offer great cosmetic results, they are significantly different. You’ll only be able to choose which procedure is right for you if you know the differences. 

If your teeth have suffered extensive damage, Turkey veneers may not be sufficient. Crowns are often the best option in this scenario. Put simply, a crown covers the entire tooth, whereas veneers cover only the front of the tooth. Both options can transform your smile, so which is right for you?

Crowns vs Veneers in Turkey

Dental crowns are caps that are placed over an existing tooth — usually to cover damage or significant discoloration. They can protect teeth from further damage and decay while restoring the shape of the tooth to something more aesthetically pleasing. Typically made from porcelain, ceramics, metals or resins, crowns are a long-term solution to damaged teeth that require very little maintenance. 

Should I Buy Veneers in Turkey?

Veneers in Turkey are usually made from porcelain. Wafer-thin and of the highest quality, a veneer can tidy your teeth and drastically improve their appearance. However, more and more people are choosing veneers made from composite resin. 

If you need to simply improve your smile, veneers are probably the best option, as they deliver fantastic results quickly. Crowns involve a more complex, time-consuming dental process. Opt for crowns only if your teeth are significantly damaged. 

How Much Are Veneers in Turkey?

“How much is a full set of veneers in Turkey?” This is a question we get asked all the time. Unfortunately, we can’t provide an accurate answer until your teeth have been fully assessed by a dentist in Turkey. 

But it’s clear that veneers in Turkey are significantly cheaper than those in many European and North American countries. Why? Well, because dentists in Turkey typically have lower overheads. A full set of Turkey veneers made from porcelain can cost anything up to £2500. However, Turkey veneers made with premium materials such as zirconium are a lot more expensive. 

Crowns are larger, more expensive and more complicated to fit. This means crowns tend to be significantly more expensive than veneers. 

Which Should I Choose?

Should I choose crowns or veneers in Turkey? That’s the question you’re probably asking yourself now. And it all boils down to the condition of your teeth. If you’re searching for cosmetic results, veneers are definitely the best option. However, if you need to cover badly cracked teeth or large fillings, crowns may be the best option. A lot of people opt for crowns after root canal surgery, for example. But if you’re looking for a killer smile, go for the veneers. 

Pros of Veneers in Turkey

●    More aesthetically pleasing, as they don’t reveal a margin with the gum over time — which crowns do. 

●    Keep more of your healthy tooth, as less trimming is required.

●    Minimal movement

●    A quicker, simpler procedure

●    Usually far cheaper than a full set of crowns

Cons of Veneers in Turkey

●    Not all the tooth is covered, so further damage or decay is more likely

●    Veneers in Turkey aren’t reversible

●    Turkey veneers usually don’t last as long as crowns

Veneers cost in Turkey is far cheaper than the cost of crowns. So, unless you need to repair or cover badly damaged teeth, veneers are always the best option. Speak with your dentist in Turkey today to discuss your options. 



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