What a year 2019 was! Brexit was getting everyone talking, cryptocurrency was continuing to break into the mainstream, and there was turmoil at Old Trafford! Health was also one sector that played a massive part in Mancunian life in the last 12 months. It not only helped to keep us all fit and firing but also gave us some fun new trends to try out. Everyone knows how vital it is to stay in the best shape, and this means that we are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest ways to go about it.

Of course, we are now well into 2020, but this does not mean that all the big trends in health for 2019 will fall away. There are some that became so huge and so important to our lives that they also look set to be here for this year. What were these 2019 health trends

Personalised diet plans

One major health trend in 2019 around the Greater Manchester area and beyond was a more personal approach to dieting. It seems that people got fed up of the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach of old and started looking for something new. The 1:1 Diet Plan from Cambridge Weight Plan was a real driving force in this area and looks set to make 2020 its own – more details on this plan can be found at https://www.one2onediet.com/. Why are people choosing this way of losing a few pounds now? Adopting a more personal approach with a consultant to support you not only makes it more enjoyable and effective but also ensures that you get a diet plan that works for your own life. This is the real secret to how this health trend grew in 2019 and looks set to again in 2020.


Another big news story in 2019 for health was the rise to prominence of CBD. This is essentially an extract of the hemp plant that does not contain any illegal substances or produce any feelings of being high. It does, however, still contain a variety of ingredients that are reported by users to help with a range of health conditions, such as anxiety or chronic pain. While the jury is out for some on whether CBD is truly a wonder medication, there is no doubt that it took off hugely in 2019 and looks set to carry on in 2020. Not too expensive to buy and available in range of products from tinctures to oils and gummies, it has become an easy (and trendy!) way for people to look after their health. 

Gut health 

2019 was also a big year for gut health. A healthy gut was reported as being essential if you planned to live in a healthier way. It is thought that a healthy gut leads to not only a healthy body but also a healthy mind. There are around 50tn gut microbes in your body that transmit signals for the brain to interpret. Having good gut health can help with lots of key things as a result, such as regulating your mood or keeping your immune system working properly. Expect everyone in Manchester to get even more focused on their gut in 2020 and do all they can to keep it working well. From lots of fibre-rich foods to supplements, this next year will see gut health widely talked about again.

Mindfulness set to be big again 

Although it had been bubbling up for a year or two previously, 2019 saw mindfulness go mainstream. This health trend was everywhere in the last year and you probably heard about it lots from friends and saw it in every magazine you opened! This trend is basically about living in the moment and being fully focused on what you are doing at that point in time. It teaches you to make the most of your life and not stress out over what has happened or what may happen. 2020 is likely to see this trend continue as we all do more to look after our mental health. If you also add in some soothing music while you practice being mindful, you get a blast of music therapy, which was another health trend in 2019 that you may have come across.

2020 health trends could look familiar 

Although we will certainly see some new health trends in the coming year, we will also continue to see trends that blew up in 2019. Continuing health trends, such as those above, will carry on being a key part of our lives and help us to live better along with helping us to feel better. If you did not give any of the above a go in 2019, then maybe now is the perfect time to do so.


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