Not everyone is blessed with a green finger when it comes to gardening, nor does everyone have the time and money to maintain a healthy-looking garden throughout the year. A healthy and thriving garden doesn’t have to be filled with plants and green grass, sometimes opting for a low maintenance solution is the way to go. We’ve got some simple tips for you below to ensure you have a garden space you’re proud of.

Healthy flowers and grass

If you have a lawn and flower beds, making sure they stay hydrated throughout the year can be a big job. Rain in the UK is inevitable, but during the warmer months when rainwater is scarce, the lawn is often filled with tired looking grass and flowerbeds are filled with brown leaves. If going out regularly with a hose or watering can fills you with dread, consider setting up water sprinklers.

If you don’t have enough time to water the lawn regularly, it might be a good idea to consider fake grass, it stays green all year round and requires minimal maintenance. 

Decked or paved area

Paving slabs and decking boards are also low maintenance and create a nice comfortable space if you decide to add some outdoor furniture to the garden. Decking boards are often used to create an outdoor living space, completed with a generous seating area, a barbeque, and tables. It’s handy to remember that decking does require cleaning.

You can use paving slabs to compartmentalise spaces in your garden, especially if you decide to have flower beds. 

Low maintenance flowers 

Having plants in your garden doesn’t have to be a big job – there are plenty of plants out there that require minimum care. If digging up flower beds isn’t something you fancy doing, consider planters and potted plants to add a dash of colour to the garden. If you struggle finding the right plants for you, consider speaking to your local garden store for help.

Artificial outdoor plants and hanging baskets is also an option, these are cheaper and require less effort to maintain

Gates and shrubbery

Metal and wooden gates require a fresh lick of paint every so often to stop it from rusting or looking worn. Shrubs and hedges are the low maintenance alternative and add texture to the garden without requiring too much work. Aim for holly or heather shrubs that looks good throughout the year. Every now and again, these will need a trim.

From artificial grass to decking, give these low maintenance garden ideas a try to see if you can improve your outdoor garden space. Not everyone has the time to maintain their garden, but there are plenty of ways to put in little effort but still get lovely results. 



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