“Whisky is liquid sunshine.” ― George Bernard Shaw

Thus, this blissful drink should not just be gulped down for the sake of it. Whisky is a delight and demands your appreciation. You need to know about its styles, flavours and the ways to drink it with class and perfection.

From Scotch and Bourbon to Rye, Irish and Indian, there are plenty of whiskies from different regions of the world. Each one of these offers something unique to the taste buds. So the first step you need to take is to choose one that attracts you the most. In case you are a beginner, start by taking any of the best whisky brands in India like Rockdove and learn how to appreciate it.

Now, there are various ways to drink whisky. Let us explore the common ones among them. We’ll also tell you various tips on how to make each of them a bit classier and more sophisticated.

Whisky Neat

To taste the bold flavour of a premium whisky, try it neat. And no, don’t taste it like a shot; instead, cherish each sip and the fiery nuances with pleasure. Move each sip around your tongue to feel the taste. Also, wait for the aftertaste before going for another sip.

If you are a beginner, it might seem like a tongue-numbing experience. However, once you get used to it, you’ll begin recognising things that whisky connoisseurs discuss. You can also add a little water allowing you to taste more flavours.  


Swirl your glass and take a deep huff of your whisky to get the sense of aroma. It helps you in noticing other notes of your drink.

On the Rocks

This is considered one of the best ways of drinking whisky. Ice not just chills but also amplifies the subtle flavours of the whisky. You can also use chilled whisky stones which are basically soapstone chunks that chill your drink without diluting it.


Your whisky glass matters a lot; so, choose one that goes with your style. Preferably opt for an Old Fashioned or lowball glass. Tulip glass is also recommended. Also, don’t fill it more than a quarter.

Cocktails Fun

If you are not a fan of neat whisky, cocktails can be your perfect partner for the evening. From Whiskey Sour and Manhattan Cocktail to Old-Fashioned and Highball, whisky cocktails can cheer you up when you’re at a bar or a lounge with your friends. The strong flavour of whisky gets blended with other ingredients to give a unique and interesting taste.


Always opt for the best quality whisky brands to maintain the excellence of your drink. Rockdove which is a new whisky brand by Hermes Distillery can be a great choice.

Food and Whisky Love

Enjoying whisky is a sensory delight in itself. You taste its aromatic richness and distinct flavours for a blissful escape. To enhance this experience, you can pair your drink with food that compliments it. Most preferred ones are dark chocolate, fruits and cheese that not only cater to your taste buds but also enhance the flavours of your premium whisky. These are also considered best when you’re hosting a dinner party.


If you are drinking with others, always pour their drink first. Also drink responsibly and don’t rush. Reaching home on someone else’s shoulders is definitely not classy.

Done reading? Now we’re sure you know how to cherish this divine retreat and make the most of your parties. Also, don’t forget to choose from the famous whisky brands; after all, there’s nothing more satisfying than a good whisky.


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