Warnings have been given by Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service after an e-cigarette charging device started a minor fire in a man’s home in Wythenshawe.

The man from purchased the charging device from a local outdoor stall in Wythenshawe town centre market.

Later that afternoon whilst charging his e-cigarette he heard a loud banging noise. Upon inspection he found the device had caught fire whilst plugged in on his kitchen worktop.

The gentleman managed to tackle the minor fire without fire service intervention but reported the incident to us later. Luckily no flammable materials were close to the device when it exploded.

More and more faulty E-cigarettes and related accessories are being sold in the UK, and it’s important, say the fire service, that you follow the official government safety guidelines if you’re planning on purchasing one of the items:

Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer carefully
Take notice of any warnings provided with the product
Ensure that e-cigarettes are not left charging for long periods of time
Do not leave e-cigarettes plugged in overnight or when you are out of the house
Look for the CE mark that indicates chargers comply with European Safety Standards

Do not overload plug sockets
Check that your electrical products have not been recalled
Avoid buying counterfeit or substandard goods
Switch off appliances at the socket when not in use


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