In order to help towns and cities keep up with modern advancements, they occasionally need to be completely re-developed. Many towns and cities throughout the UK have undergone an overhaul in recent years through the smart city programme, including Manchester.

However, the process of re-development is certainly not easy. There are a lot of challenges which come with town planning and it’s a very complex process. Here, we’ll look at just some of the pressures that come with town planning.

Complexity of prioritising various factors

The biggest challenge town planners have, particularly when developing smart cities, is correctly prioritising various factors. They need to think about factors such as health and wellbeing, travel and transportation and housing. If the plans don’t take all of these factors into account, planners could face a lot of opposition, as well as potential legal troubles.

It’s not easy making sure new developments within a city such as Manchester, meet all of the rules, regulations and standards expected.

Ensuring the legalities are met

Of course, there’s also legalities that planners need to address. Planning permission is required for numerous stages of the re-development project. This in itself can be a fairly lengthy process. Trying to get past the red tape can end up costing a lot of time, which in turn can push the deadlines of planning projects back.  

Time and money

Following on from the point above, time and money are fairly large challenges that town planners face. Urbanising a town can take years due to the rules and regulations that need to be met. It’s a long-drawn-out process which can suffer many setbacks along the way.

The trouble is, the longer the plans take to develop, the more money it’s going to end up costing overall. It can prove difficult trying to stay within the confines of the projects original budget.

The benefits of using a real estate advisor

While there’s no doubt that there’s a lot of challenges faced with town planning, there is help available. Real estate advisors such as GVA, can help planners throughout every step of the process.

Whether it’s helping to ensure you are meeting the legalities associated with your project or helping you to address the challenges faced and come up with appropriate solutions, their services can make a huge difference to how successful the development project is. Using real estate advisors can also help to speed up the development, saving planners time and money.

Overall, there are challenges faced by town planners and projects can become really complex. However, by using services such as those offered by real estate advisors, it can help to reduce the risks and ensure the projects run much more smoothly.


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