Plans to build Britain’s first industrial-scale carbon capture and utilisation demonstration plant in Cheshire have been revealed.

The £16.7 million project will be located at Tata Europe’s Northwich industrial site and should start operations in 2021

Tata is Britain’s only manufacturer of soda ash and sodium bicarbonate and is one of the country’s leading producers of salt. Its products are used by the glass, food, pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing sectors.

“The CCU demonstration plant will enable us to reduce our carbon emissions whilst securing supplies of a critical raw material, helping to grow the export of our products across the world,” TCE managing director Martin Ashcroft said in a statement.

Carbon capture, storage and use (CCSU) technology traps emissions from power plants and industry to allow them to be compressed and stored for deployment in other applications.

Around 6 billion tonnes of CO2 needs to be stored by mid-century, according to the International Energy Agency,


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