We all remember bunk beds and many of us have fond childhood memories of fighting our siblings for the top bunk! Bunk beds are a great place for kids to make valuable memories and spend time sharing a room with their siblings. However, have you heard about the triple bunk bed? As more of us struggle for space while our families grow, triple bunk beds have risen in popularity. This article explores what a triple bunk bed is, why more people are choosing them, and the styles available on the market.

What is a triple bunk bed?

A triple bunk bed is a type of bunk bed that provides enough room for three people to sleep. This could consist of a double bed on the bottom and a single bed on the top, or three single beds stacked in one extra tall bunk bed. This offers a unique spacious arrangement with much potential for many types of living situation. Houses or flats with smaller bedrooms may enjoy the prospect of parents sleeping on the double while their child sleeps soundly on the top. Older children may be granted the extra space of the double, while the smaller sibling can have the fun of the top bunk. Or a triple stacked bunk bed means that you can fit three children into one room without using up too much space. Children already have fun deciding which bunk they want to sleep on with normal bunk beds, so imagine how hard their decision will be with a triple bunk?!

Why are more people choosing triple bunk beds?

These days it feels like space is getting tighter and harder to come by, especially as our families are growing! Smaller available space means that we’re having to get more creative, especially when it comes to our children’s rooms. A triple bunk bed provides the maximum amount of sleeping space, while still only taking up the same amount of floor space as a single or double bed. This leaves much more floor space for storage and playtime.

Bunk beds have also proven to be a more cost-efficient way of giving your house more space for sleeping. If your family is growing you may be worried about the cost of an extra bed, an extra bedroom, even an extension – a triple bunk bed lessens this expense by allowing you to fit three children in one room. Everyone gets a restful night’s sleep, and the kids will enjoy the camaraderie and novelty. Even if you don’t yet have three children for a triple bunk, the extra bed might be a good idea for sleepovers. Your kids will thank you later for all the amazing memories they make on their triple bunk!

Is there a style of triple bunk bed to suit my home?

Everyone has different tastes and aspirations for the overall look of their home, and you might assume that a triple bunk will just not fit into your existing décor. However, you may want to think again as we explore the many varying styles available. Many bed manufacturers are aware of the varied décor styles and latest fashions, often coming up with an incredibly diverse range of options.

Those that enjoy a traditional wooden frame will be impressed with the ranges of sturdy wooden frames available on the market, with plenty of types of wood, stains, colours and finishes available. Natural finishes look fabulous with more traditionally-styled homes, while white painted frames look great in minimalist, Scandinavian style interiors. You will even be able to find frames in the latest trendy colours, such as grey. If you don’t find a colour of wooden frame to your liking, why not take on a DIY project and paint the frame in a colour of your choosing?!

Triple bunks are also available in more industrial and modern-looking metal finishes, with silver effects, black finishes or sleek white.

The shapes and style of ladder depend per bed, with different ranges to suit different children and their abilities. From more staircase-like steps to a traditional ladder – we’d recommend considering the best option for your children’s needs and going from there.

With all of the options available, there’s really no wonder that triple bunk beds are on the rise. They’re the perfect solution to give your family more floor space, save money, and provide your children with a fun and memorable place to sleep!


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