On the day the Government announces its new Housing White Paper, Sean Anstee has released details of his housing policy if elected Mayor of Greater Manchester in May.

In a raft of measures designed to increase the supply of new homes, encourage brownfield development and see a significant increase in new transport and social infrastructure, the Conservative Mayoral candidate has promised a Greater Manchester Infrastructure Guarantee meaning land can only be allocated for development once the required schools, roads, public transport and health facilities are in place.

 A single investment fund for transport bringing together different sources of funding to help co-ordinate investment in transport and complement the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework and a new £1bn housing fund incorporating an increased Housing Investment Fund which has helped to kick start building over 1500 new homes on brownfield sites across Greater Manchester.

Sean promises to start a discussion with Government and local authorities to have greater flexibility and freedom in how the fund works alongside other funding streams, creating a single flexible fund of £1bn for housing across the city-region.

He has also pledged to use his new Mayoral powers to acquire stalled sites or work with the developer and landowner make sites more viable to kick start building and promises a plan to reserve a proportion of new homes for local people so that young people growing up in their local area have a decent chance of being able to get onto the housing ladder in their local community.

“Greater Manchester deserves a Mayor who is confident and ambitious for our future, committed to making our homes and communities’ great places to live.” says Sean.

“This is a defining moment where we can choose a material improvement in jobs, homes and making Greater Manchester easier to get around but only if we are prepared to take long term, thought through decisions.” adding:

“We need a Mayor who has the resilience to take those decisions and ability to create partnerships that will benefit our existing communities and our younger generation growing up in Greater Manchester today. I will be that Mayor. This is about a journey of the willing. Whilst the other candidates in this Mayoral election have made good noises about being prepared to deliver, their actions show that not to be the case. I have a proven track record in Trafford of delivering on my commitments and of taking pro-growth, pro-business decisions to benefit our population – I want to do that for everybody in Greater Manchester.’


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