If you are visiting Manchester, you will never be stuck for things to do. The city is vibrant, full of life and full of history. Enjoy playing free Vegas slots in one of its many coffee shops, or take a tour through the history of two of the countries most successful football teams. 

Dive into the rich musical history and discover how Manchester made a name for itself on the world map.

Northern Quarter

The Northern Quarter is Manchester’s most up and coming part of the city. If you enjoy street art, then this is the place for you. 

Victoria Baths

First opened in 1906 and described as the most splendid public baths in the country. Since its closure in 1993 it now hosts different events in perfectly preserved Edwardian swimming pools.

Record Stores

It is no secret that Manchester has always had a great music scene, from Oasis to Take That. The city is a musical hub, and at the heart of it are independent record stores supplying its inhabitants with the best music.

Pankhurst Centre

The first meeting of the Woman’s Social and Political Union, which would later on become the Suffragettes, was held in Pankhurst Centre. A visit full of history and inspirational events.

The Lowry

A top spot for theatre and a walk away from Old Trafford, this is the city’s top leisure area. This is the place for culture lovers, sports fan, shoppers and foodies alike. With cinemas and restaurants and places to relax, it is a must see.

Manchester Museum

No visit to any major city is complete without a visit to the museum, and Manchester is no different. Travel through time and learn amazing stories about the exhibits. They also offer a “night at the museum” styled event after hours.

Band On the Wall

Known as a pub in the 30’s where the landlord put a stage on the wall for bands to play above the crowd. Now, a venue full of musical history with punk roots. Even today, it still puts on shows and brings in new acts who want to make it on the world stage.


The Chinatown in Manchester is proud to call itself the largest in Europe. A wide selection of restaurants, shops and businesses can be found in just a few blocks. The Chinese New Year celebrations have been getting bigger each year, expanding into the city centre.

Manchester Central Library

The Library is an incredible piece of architecture and is one of the most “must see” places in the city. The inside is just as spectacular as the outside and well worth a visit, so have your library card ready.


No trip to Manchester is complete without mentioning and visiting football. Whether you are a Manchester United or a City fan, you should visit their respective ground, Old Trafford and the Etihad Stadium. You can also visit the National Football Museum in the city centre.


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