Greater Manchester’s Labour MP’s have slammed the Chancellor following yesterday’s budget.

There say that there was no meaningful funding increase for our schools who are facing a funding crisis

Universal Credit will continue to leave tens of thousands of families with no support to survive Christmas while the statement didn’t meet NHS England’s call for an extra £4bn

Meanwhile they say that lifting  stamp duty for some will only drive up prices and benefit sellers.

Shadow Economic Secretary and MP for Stalybridge and Hyde, Jonathan Reynolds said:

“This Budget took none of the major steps needed to address regional investment inequality, which is contributing to the UK’s serious productivity lag.

We desperately need funding to improve the North West’s infrastructure, for example electrifying the Trans-Pennine rail line would bring a much-needed boost to productivity and jobs.

We also heard no mention of the £17m which had been promised to Manchester in the wake of the terrorist attack earlier this year to help the city meet the costs of the incident for police, health and council services.”

Shadow Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and MP for Salford and Eccles, Rebecca Long-Bailey said:

“This is a ‘nothing has changed’ budget.

“The Government continues its chronic under investment and neglect of the North. As an example, the National Productivity Investment Fund names only one transport project in the North.

This Budget and this Conservative government have failed to create an economy that works for the many not the few.”


  1. Government what the hell we are people our own people struggleing we are here once for other people to watch us go hungry and homeless I don’t vote becouse ticking a box isn’t getting my say government our own people arguing about how we live the life we have people are falling apart loosing there home going hungry if the goverment want people to have nothing they should provide things for them so they can still enjoy being here we a British people struggling to get buy even littles leaving people with nothing our goverment is creating unhappy people leaving people with nothing woundering why kids and crimes up kids mental health issues are up we need a generation bring up that learn how to help people whoever they are whatever they have this goverment is greedy and it seems they bennifit from them self these are people’s lives homes family’s hearts your ripping out while you all sit and argue about how we need to live you all want to win and we’re trying to survive we’re people who feel weather you got anything or not we get one life why carnt you help make people smile and enjoy being alive we need laws and everybody in every emergency servises or hero’s helpers there not looked up to by the goverment there expected of matter who you are struggle we’re fucking people were not here for your amusement god I have nothing but if I can see someone smile who hasn’t in a while it’s a priceless feeling my kids are growing up in a world you carnt even be yourself anymore WE ARE PEOPLE were here to love life love each other not fucking survive

  2. Every single thing is ran by our own people who argue about how much money they can save from there own people who make there own people unhappy to produce a greedy goverment who sit the House of Lords tricking bullshiting us into thinking there doing us a favour this isn’t life love respect dicaplin fucking greed


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